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Is a business borrow right for your business? We can help you decide. There are times when every business has a need for a fast infusion of cash. A an opportunity arises, such as a great deal on products or services, that might help your business grow. Many times, these great deals are time-sensitive. They require that you close right away or lose the deal. If you do not have a lot of cash on hand, you may consider asking a bank for a loan. Unfortunately, banks are slow. Getting a business loan is harder in our current economic environment. It is situations like these where a business borrow may make sense…dollars and cents.

The Business Borrow Company helps business owners find alternative funding options to conventional commercial lending institutions. We can help business owners get the cash they need fast. We do it in a sensible, fiscally responsible manner. A traditional bank loan requires a lot. Time, paperwork, good credit and collateral are all considered. Our program is different. We can get our clients approved for a business borrow within 24 hours and get them they cash they need in days. Our application is only one page long. It takes only minutes to complete. Here are some of the advantages of working with us:

  • Fast Approvals – We can approve you for a business borrow in hours. Since we only consider your future earnings potential, we can be very fast. We ask for the last few months of statements. We use those numbers to determine the size of your business borrow. It is truly that simple.
  • Cash In Your Bank In Days – Once you are approved and accept the terms, we wire you your money in days. We can get a business borrow of up to $500,000 quickly. We pride ourselves on being the fastest business borrow company in the industry. How? We have developed streamlined processes that make getting your approval, and your money, fast. We have some of the best training programs for our people. This allows them to be both fast and professional. They are ready to help you in any way possible. You can have confidence that they will help you find the best possible advance product for you and your company. We do all of this without charging you any additional fees. Our advice is always free and friendly. Give us a call and discover The Business Borrow difference for yourself. Fast doesn’t have to mean rushed. We take the time to listen to our clients to best serve them.
  • Credit Is Not A Factor – We do not base approvals on credit. Business owners take risks. Sometimes, they do not pan out. That means that you may have a bump or two on your credit report. let’s be real. Credit reports look to the past. A business borrow looks at your future. If you have proven yourself by building a business that actually has revenue, you should be approved for a loan. Many businesses never get to your state. We applaud your efforts and reward them with high approvals. Do not let prior credit issues stop you from getting the cash you need for your business. We can get you qualified for a business borrow regardless of your business or personal credit.
  • No Collateral – Traditional lenders ask for collateral to secure the loan. It helps them ensure that they are also safe and protected. Before they give you a loan, they will have you put something up of value in case you do not live up to your responsibilities. That can be bad news if you have a difficulty in the future. Can you still run your business without that valuable asset? A business borrow is an unsecured loan. We do not ask for collateral. Why put your hard earned business assets at risk. Our business borrow programs are a safer alternative.
  • No Personal Guarantees – We urge our clients not to put their personal assets on the line for any business loan. We do, however, understand the draw. You believe in yourself. You believe in your idea. If you could just get some cash, then everything would be great. A personally guaranteed loan can be extremely costly. If your idea does not work, you could lose so much. Keep your family safe. Again, our business borrow is unsecured. Both your business and personal assets are secure.
  • Simple 1 Page Application – Since we do not require credit and collateral, filling out our application is a breeze. It is only one page long. Banks loan applications are a disaster. Since they are looking at so many variables, the length is long. Our application is far from difficult. Most of our clients report filling it out in minutes.Try doing that with a typical bank loan application.
  • Flexible Pay Back Plans – Banks and commercial lenders require a fixed payback schedule. You have to make those monthly payment for the life of the loan. What if your business is seasonal? What is a natural disaster strikes and sale are temporarily down? If you use a business borrow, you pay us back as your customer buy your goods or services. After you are approved, we’ll send you some payback options. Each one will be a fraction of your future revenues. You pick the plan you are comfortable with. As your customers pay you, we take that agreed upon small percentage. If business is slow one month, no worries. We get paid back a tad slower. When You have an increase in sales, we get paid back sooner.
  • Use The Monies Anyway You Choose – Use your business borrow funds to invest in your business. So many of our clients report back to us. We love the feedback. They tell us interesting ways they have used their business borrow funds to grow their businesses. But some of our clients use the monies in a different way. They do not use the funds for business reasons at all. They use their money to address much needed family issues. That’s fine with us. Use the money the way you need to. That is one of the many advantages of a business borrow.
  • Experienced, Friendly Service – We pride ourselves on our great customer service. We treat everyone who contacts us with respect. We’re business owners too. We understand what it takes to succeed as one. If you are considering a business borrow loan, choose us for great advance products and the industry-leading customer care.

We invite you to give is a call at (866) 739-5558 or email us and find out if a business borrow is right for your business. Our experienced, educated staff have the knowledge needed to find the right business borrow for your specific situation. Securing the right program can have a significant affect on your bottom line. Our goal is your long term success. We hope to add you to our growing business borrow client list.


Fast Approvals

We get our clients approved in under 24 hours. Our streamlined process means you can have $5,000 – $500,000 in your bank in days


No Credit Worries

We have a wide variety of funding options many of which do not use your personal or business credit as a criteria.


For Any Purpose

Use your business borrow for any purpose. seize an opportunity, expand your operation or pay for your daughter’s wedding; it’s your choice.


Great Service

We value our clients and always strive to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. It’s simply the way we operate.

Business Borrow Loans– Case Study

A real life example of how a business borrow helped one of our clients.

Sometimes it is helpful for our potential clients to see how our past and current clients have benefitting from our cash advance program. You see, a business borrow is not for the desperate business owner how has no other options. Far from that. A business borrow is a powerful tool they use to build their businesses. Below is an example from a recent client.

business_cash_advanceBusiness Borrow -Case Study

John owns a large construction firm that specializes in hotel repair and renovations. His company was only a tad more than a year old, but through hard work and dedication, his company had risen to one of the larger players in his industry. Six to seven figure contract were the norm and payroll was over 100K a week as well. They were doing well. Not the typical candidate for a business borrow, right? Wrong. John was smart enough to know a business borrow was indeed perfect for him. Let me explain further.

John’s company “floats” money. He pays for material and labor and gets paid 30 to 60 days after each project. While that is great, what does he do if he lands a project while he is waiting to be paid from his last one? If he did not have the option of the business borrow, he would decline the contract, wait to be paid from the last one and then bid for a new one. Yes, he would be making money, but he would be losing out on the opportunity to make even more money. A business borrow would give him the funds needed to accept the job, buy the materials and pay his people.

John is a spread sheet guy. Do you know someone like that? He has everything put into an excel spread sheet and can tell what is profit is, to the penny, if certain things fall certain ways. When we discussed a business borrow, he put his spread sheet to work. he calculated that he would net an additional $500, 000 within the next three months if he used a business borrow to accept the new contract offered to him. Netting $500,000 is a big deal, especially over a 3 month time frame. That was after the cost of the business borrow. It was a no brainer to him. He took the cash advance, took the contract and has an additional 500k in his business’s bank account for his efforts.

John did this without any collateral. He did not have to give us a personal guarantee either. We gave him an unsecured business borrow because we knew he had revenues coming in sometime in the near future. Had John gone to a bank, he would have had to put up some of his business equipment to secure the loan. John was ok with that, but he needed the money right away or he would lose the contract. We funded his business borrow in days. He had the money he needed when he needed it. No worries or hassles. His business borrow was the tool he needed to grow his business.

John now knows he can get a business borrow from us anytime he wins a contract. He makes money, we make a little money and his workers make money. It is a real win/win for all involved. We feel like our business borrow loans help fuel the American Dream. When you see a business borrow in this light, it kinda makes sense.

So. What are the take aways from this case study:

  • A business borrow is not for desperate business owners scraping around for cash.
  • A business borrow is a tool used by successful business owners to seize opportunities
  • A business borrow is not limited to retail business owners who take credit cards
  • A business borrow is a fast, safe alternative to a clumsy bank loan

Give us a call at (866) 739-5558. Let’s feature your business borrow success story on our site next month.