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Banks are making it more difficult to secure business expansion loans nowadays.

Did you know that many business owners have successfully turned to a business borrow as a faster, safer and more flexible alternative? Find out why..

Business Expansion Loans

business_expansion_loansBusiness Expansion Loans

You did it. You maxed out the income potential of your business at your current location. Congratulations. What’s next? Expansion, of course. Business owners get shocked at how difficult it is to qualify for business expansion loans these days. Even successful business owners do not always qualify.  What is a growing business to do?  Consider turning to a business borrow. It is a smart alternative to conventional funding options. There are many benefits.

Your a business owner. You have built a successful business. You should have no problem qualifying for business expansion loans. It just makes sense. You built the business to what it is today.  The bank should reward you for that, right?  Well, not always. Many people who are successful today, struggled while they were building their business. The road to the top isn’t downhill. Most business owners have had some credit issues in the business building process. It may take years for your business and personal credit to get to a point where the bank will take a chance on them. Even if they do, it still might not be the best route to go.

Commercial lenders also want some security when they give out business expansion loans.  They ask for collateral. This reassures them that if you fail, they don’t lose. Not every lender has this attitude. We do not here at The Business Borrow Company.  We believe in people. But failure does happen. If a business owner uses his or her  business property on the line for business expansion loans, they could be in trouble. Big trouble.  This is one reason many successful business owners turn to a business borrow instead.

A business borrow is an unsecured loan. We take all the risk. If you fail, you do not lose your collateral. We take the risk, betting on your future success. We feel that if you were smart enough to get to the point where you are considering business expansion loans, you are a good bet. Here is some more good news. Your credit won’t stop you from using our business expansion loans programs.

The banks use your crediting ratings as a determining factor. We don’t. We reward you for your success. We don;t look at your past problems. We look forward to your future success. We find business expansion loans for people with bad credit everyday. Don’t let some past difficulties stop your business expansion plans.  Talk to us about a business borrow.

Alternative Business Expansion LoansAlternative Business Expansion Loans

We fund business owners fast.  Our approval process takes less than 24 hours. How? Well, we don’t look at credit.  We don’t require collateral. That cuts out a lot of paperwork. We do look at the past few months of your income so we can project what you might make moving forward.  It is such a simple process.  Once approved, you receive your funding in days. It truly is fast. Ask some of our clients. They’ll tell you.

It really is that fast. You can receive up to %500,000 in your bank account within days. A business borrow is a powerful financial tool. It’s one you can use to help your business expand right away. We understand that many opportunities are time sensitive; you may have to act right away to get the best new location.  Can you do that with a banker?  Not a chance.  We make it possible for you to jump on an expansion opportunity when it arises.

I hope you are beginning to see how a business borrow is superior to ordinary business expansion loans. Contact us to learn more.  Call us toll free (866) 739-5558. You can also  email us or fill out the form at the top of this webpage. We offer fa free consultation for any business owner interested in our product. We look forward to speaking with you to see if a business borrow is better for your situation than the conventional,  hard to get business expansion loans.