Business Loans Are Harder To Get Today.

We Have An Alternative Business Loan Program. It Is Called A Business Borrow.

Business loans.  How do small to medium businesses survive with out them.  In most cases, they don’t. Most business owners are finding it harder and harder to qualify for business loans these days. Don’t give up hope.  There are alternatives to traditional business loans.  We make them everyday.  They are called business borrows.

business_loansBusiness Loans

Business loans are important.  We all know that. Unfortunately, the number of businesses who qualify for bank business loans is smaller and smaller. Less than one business owner in five who submit’s an application gets approved these days.  That is a lot of unfunded business loans; and even more distraught business owners. Where do the other 80 plus percent of business owners turn to get their funding?  They turn to us…and most prefer working with us than the banks for reasons other than approval rates. Here’s why.

We approve over ninety percent of those who apply for our business loans. More than four out of five business owners will get funded with us. That is a significant reason why business owners prefer us, sure. But we also make the approval process short and sweet.  Our one page application can be fill out in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.  We make it easy to apply for business loans. Since our application process is so easy, we give approvals within twenty four hours of receiving the form.

Speed is important is business we understand.  Knowing that you are approved is a big deal. But, it gets better.  Once approved we fund our business loans within days. That is a powerful weapon in the daily battle of building your business.  With us, you can go from form to funding in just days. I am sure that you are wondering how this can be possible. Well look at your future potential, not your past. Let me explain further.

Banks will pull a credit report the minute you apply for a loan. Their business loans are approved on credit, along with a host of other things. If you have poor, or even average credit, you wont be getting any business loans through them. It’s not their fault.  The game has changed.  They have new rules to adhere to.  I have a banker friend who confided in me that he wished he could help more of the business owners who came into his bank with approvals, but he can’t.  His hands are tied.  But ours are not. We do not use credit as the sole reason to approve our business loans. We look at your revenue.

Yes, revenue. If you have a history of making money, you should be able to get business loans. It makes sense to us.  Credit is one thing. results are another.  Your revenue tells the real story about your ability to pay back business loans.  Well, that at least the way we look at it. We reward business owners who have receivables with the ability to get approved for a business loan. But there are other advantages as well.

With our business loans there are no collateral issues to deal with.  We offer unsecured business loans.  That means, no collateral is needed to “back up” the loan, so to speak. Banks use collateral as a way of protecting themselves should you fail to repay them as you promised. Good for them. You?  Not really. You put your assets on the table for the business loan.  If something happens, you’re worse off then you were before you got the loan.  For this reason alone many business owners prefer our business loans. It is a safer alternative for them and their business.

business-loansAlternative Business Loans

They also like the repayment terms we offer. When you pay back one of our business loans, you do so in a flexible manner. As you receive money from your clients or customers, we receive a small portion. They fraction of your revenue is used to service the loan.  It is a more business owner friendly way of paying back a loan.  Think about it.  What if you hit a slow period in your business. Banks business loans require you to pay them back by sending them a fixed amount each month.  This is not how the real world works.  We understand your needs and craft business loans to meet them.

If you would like to learn more about our business loans. Fill out the form above, call us toll free at (866) 739-5558 or email us for more information. We are happy to give you whatever advice we can.  We do not charge a fee for our advice and you are under no obligations to even use us for business loans.  We simply feel that once you know more about us and our business loans, you we turn to us for your future funding needs. Get in touch and let’s see if one of our business loans is right for you.