California Business Borrow

Attention California Business Owners. You will more than likely be approved for a business borrow.

Owning your own business.  It is the real American dream. Building a successful business means you need access from cash from time to time.  Our California business borrow loans gives California business owners that much needed access to cash. We have helped many California business owners get the cash they need to operate and expand their business.  We can do the same for you as well.

california_business-cash_advanceCalifornia Business Borrow

Most people think there is something off about getting a California business borrow. There are many misconceptions out there about what a business borrow is and what it is not. Our California business borrow programs are legitimate financial tools that smart business owners use instead of traditional bank loans.  Why would business owners come to us instead of their banks? There are a lot of reasons. Let’s go over some of them, shall we?

How about approvals.  A bank is very picky on who gets a loan from them. It’s true.  They are approving less and less business owners. SInce the Great Recession hit, they have new lending standards. They no longer lend to anyone with a pulse.  Those days are long gone. They really look at your whole financial picture now.  They really look at your credit scores. Unless you have perfect credit, you are not going to get a loan from a bank.  This is why more and more business owners are turning to us for a California business borrow.

A California business borrow is easy to qualify for; much easier than a bank loan. Why?  Well, we look at your income.  That is the main factor in your approval.  We do not worry so much about credit scores.  We know the deal.  It may have been hurt while you were building your business. Now that you have a history of bringing in income, you should be able to get more cash for your business. Banks do not look at it this way, but we do.  We make it easy to qualify for a California business borrow.

We also make the process of getting a California business borrow as easy as possible.  We can do this because we do not look at every aspect of your financial life. We have a simple one page California business borrow application. It is super easy to fill out and send back to us. Most people fill it out in a matter of minutes.  We ask that you also send us some banks statements.  Armed with that info, we can make the decision to fund the loan or not.

We approve over ninety percent of the people who apply for our California business borrow loans. And we give you your approval fast.  How fast?  Within 24 hours, weekends and holidays excluded. One business day.  That’s how fast we can operate.  We are a well run, streamlined company.  We give 24 hours California business borrow approvals each and every day.  You could be next.

We also make sure you get your money fast as well.  We will direct deposit your California business borrow funds into your business account within three business days. Why should you wait?  We have the funds here.  You need the cash.  No one loans money to California business owners than us. t is why more and more business owners are turning to us rather than the banks. But there are other reason they do so as well.

We are a safer alternative. How? Well, we do not force you to put up your assets as collateral. Nope. Not with us. Banks and other traditional commercial lenders ask for collateral from you.  They give you the money, but when to hedge their bet by having something of value they can take from you should you fail to pay them. We offer and unsecured advance; one that does not require collateral. So many of our clients prefer to use our California business borrows for this reason alone. They do not want to put their property at risk just for a business loan.

california_business_cash-advanceCalifornia Business Borrow Loan

We also know that fixed paybacks are a pain in the rear end. Let’s be honest.  Most businesses are cyclical. Money does not always come in in clean, regular amounts.  We offer repayment options to meet your needs. One way we do this is by offering pay back options that pay us back as your clients pay you.  This means you never have to fret over a fixed monthly bill. We will work with you to find the best way for you to repay us.

Give us a call at (866) 739-5558.  We have the knowledge and experience needed to find the right California business borrow for you. We offer free, no hassle advise. We feel strongly that a California business borrow is a great option fro most business owners. Let’s see if it is right for you.