Colorado Business Borrow

For Colorado business owners, a business borrow may be better than a commercial loan.

A Colorado business borrow is an alternative type of commercial loan. Usually, business owners go to a bank for a loan. They fill out tons of paper work.  They get their financials looked at again and again. The process is very hard and it takes some time. If you are lucky, you will get an approval. Whew.

colorado_business_cash_advanceColorado Business Borrow

A Colorado business borrow is much different. I would like to take a moment of your time to explain why. The major point I want to make is that you are much more likely to get approved for a Colorado business borrow than a bank loan. I know. Banks offer lower rates. I will concede that point.  But if you can’t get the money, what difference does it make?  We approve of ninety percent of Colorado business owners who apply for a business borrow. The banks? Less than 1 in 6.

Why is this? The banks have stopped lending money to any business owner who stopped by the bank. Nope.  Times has changed.  there are more restrictions and tougher guidelines to approving loans. While this is good for the banks health, it does not help the Colorado business owner who needs cash. Our Colorado business borrow loans are a better option for the 5 out of 6 people who can not get a bank loan for their business.

We do have the most competitive rates in the business borrow industry. Do not think that you are going to get raked over the coals because you can not get a bank loan. It is simple not going to happen. We also have other advantages that banks can not compete with as well.  The more you learn, the better a Colorado business borrow will seem. To start with, we have a very easy loan process.

We make it easy for any colorado business owner to apply for a business borrow. We have a single page application.  It is easy to complete and send back to us. Most of our clients says it took them minutes to complete.  Try doing that with a bank business loan application. Why is our so different? Because our main focus is seeing how much revenue your business generates.

If your business generates money, you should get a loan, right? We think so.  We do not worry so much about credit scores.  They never tell the whole story.  We want to see what you are actually doing, business wise to make our decision. That’s why we can be so much more simple.

Many Colorado business owners have average credit. Some may even have poor credit.  It was probably due to building their business.  We know things happen as you first start out. Do not let poor or average credit stop you from getting the cash your business needs.  Apply for a Colorado business borrow.  We can make it happen for you…and we can do it fast.

colorado-business-cash-advance-150x150Colorado Business Borrow Loan

Since our application is simple, we can be fast with our approvals?  How fast?  We approve people for Colorado business borrow loans within one business day.  You read that last sentence right.  Just one day.  We use our money and also a network of private lenders.  We can act fast.  This means you will know right away if you are approved. Remember, we approve over 90% of business owners for cash advances. If approved, you will have up to $2,000,000 in your account in days. Days.  That is the fastest way to get business cash we know of.

Many of our customers can get bank loans.  They choice not to. Why?  We are an unsecured business loan.  We do not ask for collateral or personal guarantees.  Your banker will definitely ask for collateral. Their loans are always secured by collateral. If you want a truly safe way to get cash for your Colorado based business, apply for a Colorado business borrow from us.  Why take a chance with the banks?

If you would like to learn more about our Colorado business borrow programs, call us (866) 739-5558.  We would be happy to see which of our many options are best for you. At The Business Borrow Company, we are the Colorado business borrow experts.