Construction Financing

Are You Finding It Increasingly Difficult To Get Construction Financing?

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A Business Borrow May Be A Better Option To Traditional Construction Financing.

Let us see if one of our business borrow programs is a suitable alternative to your construction financing needs.

Construction Financing

construction_financingConstruction Financing

Many construction business owners understand that it is getting increasingly difficult to secure construction financing. Conventional lending sources have made it nearly impossible to qualify.  Even for those who qualify, it is tough. There are mountains of paperwork and hurdles every step of the way.  It takes to qualify for construction financing.  We have  an alternate solution. It is called a business borrow.

A business borrow may be a better option to traditional construction financing. It is easy to qualify.  There are two requirements. First, your business must be established for at least three months. Second, you must have a history of bringing in at least three thousand dollars a month. That’s all there is to it. Most business qualify.  We have a very high construction financing approval rate.

Our business borrow application is only one page long. It takes minutes to apply. We also approve business owners within 24 hours. Once approved, you get your cash in days. It’s a fast way to get the construction financing you need; all without the hassles associated of getting a bank loan. You will still be working on the bank’s paperwork by the time you receive a business borrow from us. It get’s even better.

Your credit is not a concern.  We are not worried about you credit. Business or personal. We look at your revenue. That is how we assess how much construction financing you will receive. It is all based on your projected future income streams. That help more construction business owners qualify. It is also the main reason we can get approvals so fast. Can I say it gets’ even better again? Well, it does.

There is no collateral needed with our construction financing alternative. Keep your hard won business assets safe. A bank requires collateral.  We don’t. In a sense, your future earning potential is you collateral. Our business borrows are unsecured.  Your property is safe with this form of construction financing.

When cash is needed fast, some construction business owners turn to personal loans. We advise our clients against using that strategy. Why risk your personal assets for construction financing? Keep your personal property safe. Consider using a business borrow.  Things go wrong.  It happens. Don’t jeopardize you own or family’s future. Consider using an unsecured business borrow for construction financing.

We loan up to $500,000. The amount you will receive is based on your past income. We can help you get the money you need fast.  Many people use the monies they receive for construction equipment.  Others to purchase land.  Still others use the monies for advertising. The choice is yours.  You can use the money you receive from our construction financing alternative any way you wish. You can even use it for personal needs.

We do not have restrictions.  We all have personal issues that require cash.  Perhaps you have it all invested in your company. Our business borrow will allow you to meet that need right away. We feel it is your money. You should not be constrained to use it only for your construction business. Use your construction financing funds for an unexpected wedding, college education, a new home, or even to take care of medical expenses. It’s simply your choice.

We even make paying back the loan easy. Here is how our construction financing repayment system works. Before we lend you the money, we offer you some payback options.  All of them are based on you giving us a small fraction of your future revenues.  You pick the percentage, so you are comfortable with it. Every time your receive income, we collect a that agreed upon percentage.  As you receive money, we get paid back. Over time, you will repay the construction financing cash advance. When you have a slow period, we get paid back slower.  When sales are booming we receive our money faster.

construction-financingConstruction Financing Alternatives

There are no monthly fixed payments to worry about.  Our system is designed with the business owner in mind. Many of our clients tell us that they have higher revenue after receiving their construction financing funds. They invest well and never even feel the impact of the repayment. Some buy equipment for pennies on the dollar. Other secure cheap inventory. When you have to strike fast, you can with our business borrow. It can be a really smart alternative to conventional construction financing.

So, how do you start? We made that easy as well.  Simply give us a call. Out toll free number is (866) 739-5558. You can also fill out the form above or send us an email. One of our consultants will help you decide if a business borrow is the right construction financing option for you. He os she will answer any questions you have. We offer free, no obligation advise. We treat our clients well. In fact, they are our best salespeople. Their referrals are a big part of our business.  Know that when you work with us, you will be treated well.

Get started today and you could have your construction financing fund in days.