Credit Card Factoring

Credit Card Factoring Allows You Use Tomorrow’s Revenue Today

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Credit Card Factoring Is A Unique Financial Tool That Can Help A Business Owner In A Variety Of Ways.

Credit card factoring is a simple, fast and secure way to get up to $500,000 of working capital into your bank accounts in days

Credit Card Factoring

credit_card_factoringCredit Card Factoring

To many business owners, credit card factoring is a new concept. Today’s financial climate has changed. Commercial lenders are not in a position to approve as many business loan applicants as they did in years prior.  This new reality has forced many business owners to look at other ways to get the cash they need to run and grow their businesses. Credit card factoring is growing in popularity. It is a safe way to get the funding you need for you and your business.

Getting a bank loan is a complicated process.  The application can seem like the novel, “War & Peace”. It is very long. It takes days to complete. Once submitted, you hope you did everything properly. Otherwise, the process will take even longer. Credit card factoring is different.  The application process takes minutes. The form itself is only one page long. It is an easy and straight forward process. How can that be?  Well, credit card factoring looks at your revenue, not credit.

To qualify for a bank loan, you need excellent personal and business credit. For many business owners, that is simply not the case.  They may have hurt their credit scores in the process of building their business. It happens, we all know it.  Banks will refuse to give you a loan in that scenario. Credit card factoring considers your current revenue levels as proof you have been successful.  You survived while others did not.  We understand the difference and approve a high percentages of business owners who apply.

Credit card factoring is an unsecured form of a business borrow. Banks will ask you for something of value to use as collateral for your loan.  They are secured in the event you do not meet your loan payment obligation. With credit card factoring, you are the safe party. Should something go wrong, you do not have to repay the business borrow. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong.  We get repaid and the merchant gets more credit card factoring funds or goes on their way. But it is comforting to our clients to know they are protected.

Credit card factoring loans are fast.  Since our application is so minimal, we approved business owners within one business day. Getting your funding is fast as well. Your credit card factoring funds will be sent to your account in days.  Get up to $500,000 dollars as a business borrow in just days.If you have been in business longer than three months and can show us more than $3,000 of credit card processing, we can help you get credit card factoring. I think you get how many high performance business owners use this financial tool to their advantage. But there are even more advantages.

Paying back your credit card factoring loan is also easy. Banks will make you pay back a commercial loan with a high, fixed monthly payment.  Not with credit card factoring.  You pay us back a small percentage of your future credit card receipts.  You agree to the amount off of each transaction ahead of time. No hassles. No fixed payments. No surprises. Use tomorrow credit card receipts to pay for today’s needs.

credit-card-factoringCredit Card Factoring Loans

What if you could get inventory cheap. So cheap you could really make a killing.  What if that opportunity came at a time when you did not have cash on hand to close the deal? Some might think about getting a bank loan.  Well, the are too long a process….if you even qualify. If you used credit card processing, you could close that deal in days.  You would begin to increase your profit. Many of our clients do this so well that they never feel the small percentage of the credit card sale we take to service the business borrow. Is the picture getting clearer?

If credit card factoring seems like something you may want to learn more about, contact us.  We can be reached toll free at (866) 739-5558. You can fill out the form on the top of this page or email us.  Either way, we will help you look at your current situation and see if credit card factoring is right for you. We offer free, no obligation advice. Our staff is professional and courteous. They have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure you get the right credit card factoring program.  We look forward to hearing from you.