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We have Some Non-Traditional Dentistry Financing Options That Our Clients Love

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There Are Many Exciting Opportunities In Dental Businesses. We Can Help You Stay Cutting Edge.

Our dentistry financing alternatives can help you get the monies required to acquire new equipment, increase your marketing and for any other reason you desire.

Dentistry Financing

dentistry_financingDentistry Financing

There are many exciting opportunities in the dental field. The advances in technology means that many dental practice owners are seeking dentistry financing options to meet the clients expectations. We can offer you dentistry financing in the form of a business borrow. A business borrow is financial tool that allows dental practice owners to harness the power of their future income to get much needed cash today.

Most dentists or practice owners try to obtain dentistry financing through traditional means.  They turn to banks or commercial lenders for financing. The process is slow, time consuming and the probability of getting an approval is harder these days.  Banks have tighten up their loan standards.  Even if you have great personal or business credit, you can run into difficulties getting dentistry financing.

There are other hurdles. The bank or commercial lender will look at your credit.  The standards, as mentioned earlier, are very high. Let’s say you you meet the credit requirements, there are other problems. The bank will ask for guarantees for the money they will lend you. They usually will ask for collateral to protect their interests.

If you get the loan, they are asking that you put your hard earned business assets at risk. Think about it.  You have worked hard to build you business and acquire your assets.  You are turning to dentistry financing to try something new to try to grow your business. Don’t put your hard fought business assets at risk.

But what about a personal loan as a way to obtain dentistry financing?  With a personal loan, you will have to put your personal property on the line.  We think you should reconsider this strategy. It is one thing to put your business property up as collateral, putting our personal property at risk jeopardizes you and your family’s future at risk. If you utilize our business borrow for dentistry financing, you have many advantages over traditional loans.

Our business borrows are fast.  We look at your past few months of income and determine your future revenue potential. You are approved for dentistry financing based solely on that projected revenue. No other conditions, outside of you being in business for at least 3 months, are considered. That means that we get approvals within 24 hours. We then wired cash into your bank account in a few days. You might be still filling out paperwork by the time we fund people for dentistry financing. It is truly that fast.

dentitry_financing_optionsDentistry Financing Options

If you use our business borrow program as a dentistry financing option, you do not have worry about using your personal or business assets as collateral.  Your future income is your collateral.  We offer unsecured dentistry financing options.  This means is something terrible happens, your business and personal assets are protected.

Many professionals who use our business borrow alternative to traditional dentistry financing, reinvest the monies they receive into their dental practices.  They have the ability to get the latest equipment, invest in new advertising campaigns or anything else they feel would help build their business. Liquid cash is essential to growth. Choosing the right dentistry financing option is crucial to your long term success.

We offer flexible payback options for our alternative dentistry financing alternatives. We take a small percentage of your future revenue; a percentage that you agree to before we close the deal. You are presented with options because we want you to feel comfortable with the payback. We know that will help you invest more emotional capital on building your business. If you experience a slowdown in your practice, no worries.  If you have an uptick, you will pay us back sooner.  No fixed payments each month. Enjoy the piece of mind our dentistry financing can offer you.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Yes, most dental practice owners use the business borrow for their businesses, but you can use the money for any purpose you see fit.  You can get dentistry financing and use the money for personal needs.  Business owners, like everyone else, have unexpected personal needs for cash. Perhaps the need is for education, perhaps it is for a new car; it really is up to you how you want to spend the money.

Is a business borrow the right alternative for every dentistry financing need? Of course not.  But it is a valuable tool that every dental practice owner should have in their toolbox.

Give us a call at (866) 739-5558 or email us. Our team is knowledgeable, professional and have the experience needed to pair you with the right dentistry financing option.  We offer free, no obligation advise. We are friendly and treat you with the respect you have earned.  We look forward to speaking with you and seeing if our business borrow program is the right dentistry financing alternative for you.