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We Have Ways For You To  Acquire Funds For Your Fitness Center

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Fitness Center Financing Does Not Have To Be Impossible To Get. We Have An Alternative

Our business borrow programs can be the right solution to your fitness center funding needs.

Fitness Center Funding

fitness_center_fundingFitness Center Funding

Do you own and fitness center? Are you frustrated in your attempts to secure financing?  We can help.  Our business borrow programs could be the right financial tool for you. If you are not familiar with a business borrow, you’ll might find it a great option for your fitness center funding needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Traditional business loans are hard to qualify for.  Let’s be real.  The economy has changed. The requirements to qualify for a business loan have increased. Many fitness center owners who would have qualified a few years ago for a loan, can’t today. Even if you could qualify, there are many benefits to a business borrow.

One of those advantages is how fast a business borrow can fund your fitness center. It only takes minutes to apply.  The page is literally only one page long.  We can get your approval within one business day. It is that fast. Once approved, you can get up to $500,000 wired to your bank account in days.  Imagine that. Your fitness center funding can be in your hands in days.

The amount you will qualify for depends on your current monthly revenue. The more you currently receive in revenue, the more you will receive. Our business borrow program is base on your anticipated future income. Since that is the case, we have a very high approval rates.

Your credit is not an issue with our fitness center funding alternative. Again, it is revenue based. If you have had some credit difficulties, no problem.  You will still more than likely qualify for our business borrow program. Even if you have some personal credit issues in the past, you still could qualify for our form of fitness center funding. Do not let credit worries stop you from getting the fitness center funding you need. It doesn’t have to, with a business borrow.

You also do not need collateral.  With a traditional commercial loan, you need to secure it. That usually happens with collateral.  We do not work that way. Our business borrow is an unsecured loan. You do not have to use your hard earned business property as collateral for your fitness center funding needs.

We also do not ask for you to use any form of a personal guarantee as well. Be safe. Keep your personal property safe by using a business borrow.  It is tempting to resort to a personal loan for fitness center financing. We advise against it. We know you believe in yourself. Try to resist the temptation of guaranteeing your fitness center funding. What if something goes wrong? We make sure your personal and business assets are always safe.

We even make payback simple.  We have no fixed monthly payback schedules. We get paid back as your customers pay you. We get a fraction of your income, as it comes in.  This means no monthly nut.  You agree to the fraction of your revenue when you sign up. It’s business owner friendly way to get fitness center funding.

You can use your fitness center funding for any purpose you feel is worthy.  Invest in your growth. Expand you product line. Open up a new location. You can use your business borrow anyway that makes sense to you.  You can even use your funds for personal needs. You read that right. Use a fitness center funding loan for personal needs. We feel that it is your money.  Why should we tell you how to spend it?

Now you can see why, even if you can get a bank loan, a business borrow makes sense, for so many reasons. Contact us to learn even more. We can be reached toll free at (866) 739-5558. You can fill out the form at the top of this page or send us an email. We are business owners, like you.  We will take the time to listen to your needs. We offer our advise without cost or obligation.  Let us see if a business borrow is a smart way for you to obtain fitness center funding