Florida Business Borrow

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We love Florida. Our Corporate headquarters are located here.  We do business throughout the United States, but Florida is our home. We offer a Florida business borrow loan program that helps business owners in the Sunshine State thrive. Business owners love our loans, but many do not know what a Florida business borrow really is. This article has been design to help you know more about business borrows. Once you know more, you,too, may fall in love with our Florida business borrow loans.

Money is the key to business success.  Without it, you pay more for goods and services. You also can not jump on any opportunities that may help your Florida based business stay in the black. Florida, more than most of the country, took a big hit during the housing crisis. As a result, banks are lending a lot less, even for commercial loans.  What is a business owner to do if they can not get a bank loan?  Many turn to us for a Florida business borrow.

florida_business_cash_advanceFlorida Business Borrow

A Florida business borrow is basically what it says. It is a cash advance for a business. A business owner can use the power of his or her future revenue to get needed cash today. It is truly that simple. And since it is that simple, the entire process of getting a Florida business borrow is simple too. Contrast that to a bank loan.  Have you ever tried to get one?  It is not a simple process. Hardly. The amount of work you have to do is amazing.  The forms. The credit checks. The running around. It is all too much. Our Florida business borrow is a very streamlined process in comparison.

Let’s say you do everything the bank asks you to do.  Did you know that nearly 85% of business owners get rejected? All that work. Well, we turn the tables on those numbers.  We approve over 90% of the business owners who apply for our Florida business borrow loans. What a stunning difference.  We feel like we help the guys and gals on Main Street run and build their businesses. But we do not just do small loans.

Sure. We fund smaller three to ten thousand dollar business borrows. But our average Florida business borrow is larger. More in the twenty to sixty thousand dollar range. We can loan up to two million dollars with our Florida business ash advance programs. How do we calculate the amount we advance?  It is based on the company’s income levels.

The more money you generate each month, the more we can lend. It is a simple equation that keeps in line with the entire simplicity of our Florida business borrow system. Many of our Florida business borrow clients start out with a small business borrow.  Over time, they feel more comfortable with the terms of our Florida business borrow program.  They come back to us for more. They know they can always have us to back their dreams and ambitions.

OK. So how does it work? A lot differently than the bank, I can promise you that. To start, you simply fill out our single page Florida business borrow loan application. One page. That’s it. We look at your business income, so credit and the rest of your financial history is of minor concern to us. Once you fill it out completely, and we here it usually takes a few minutes to do, you email or fax it back to us.  We also ask for a few months of your business bank statements to verify your information. That’s all there is to filling out our Florida business borrow application.

We will then look at your application and get back to you within one business day. Remember, we approve almost every Florida business borrow application so expect good news when we call. We then spell out the terms of the Florida business borrow.

florida-business-cash-advanceFlorida Business Borrow Loan

We are flexible here. We understand that your Florida business is not like every other one.  We make special payback arrangements for all of our Florida business borrow clients. Some like to just send us a fixed amount each month.  that’s fine with us.  Others like for us to take a small portion of their future sales. That works too. We will work with you to get the Florida business borrow payback system that works for you. Once we are all in agreement, we move forward.

The process so far took a day or two at the most. We then send your Florida business borrow proceeds to you bank.  This does not take long.  You usually see the money in your account in two to three days.  You are then free to use your Florida business borrow for any reason at all.

And we mean that.  You can use your Florida business borrow loan for business or personal use. We place no restrictions on your funds. It is your do to with as you see fit. Of course, many of our clients use a Florida business borrow to fund business needs. But you could use the money to buy a beachfront condo. How you spend your Florida business borrow money is always up to you.

To find out more, giver us a call at (866) 739-5558.  We are always willing to help out other Florida business owners like us.  Let us put together a Florida business borrow program that is just right for you.