High Risk Business Loans

We Have An Alternative Program For Those Seeking High Risk Business Loans

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High Risk Business Loans Are Expensive. Do Not Get One Until You Talk To Us. We Have A Better Way..

Lenders working with business owners seeking a high risk business loan tend to force the them to settle for loans that do not make sense. There is a better way. We can get the cash you need, without getting fleeced.

High Risk Business Loans

Getting the money you need when you perceive yourself as high risk is tough. You enter the negotiating process at a distinct disadvantage. The lender knows that your chances of getting a loan somewhere else is slim, at best, and if he or she does decide to give you the business loan,they are going to levy fees and ask for extremely high interest rates in return. It’s a Catch 22.  You need the money, but it is costing too much. What is a business owner to do? Well, our business borrow program may just be the answer to your high risk business loan needs.

high_risk_business_loansHigh Risk Business Loans

A business borrow, or merchant cash advance as it is also known, differs from high risk business loans in that the business borrow give you cash based on your future earning, not your high risk credit. We take a look at a few of your past month’s income, determine how much cash we can advance to your business and get repaid a small percentage on each income transaction. Your high risk or bad credit is not an issue. It is simply an analysis of your future income potential.

There is even more good news…we do not have you enter into a fixed payback arrangement when you get on of our high risk business loan alternatives. We take a small percentage of your future earnings each time you make a sale or enter a transaction. If you are out of season for your industry, no worries, we will be paid back less that month. If you have a great month or two, we will be paid back sooner. You never have to worry about your ability to pay back one of our high risk business loans.

To qualify for the program you should be in business no less than three (3) months and have provable income of at least $3,000. That’s it. No high risk worries, no credit concerns and no fixed payback issues to deal with when you utilize our services. We do not ask for a personal guarantee either. Our focus is the future cash flow. If you qualify, and most business owners who contact us do,  you will enjoy rates that are far more desirable than what you expect for any other high risk business loans. Our cash is less expensive which will help your business net a better bottom line.

Since we do not require much in terms of qualifying, our process is simple and fast.  we get approvals for our clients within twenty four hours.  We can then get them they cash they need within a few days. If you where trying to get a conventional high rick business loan, the paperwork alone would take more time than it would to receive our cash.

Our people will treat you properly and help guide you through the process of getting a high rick business loan alternative.  They will take the time to listen to you, find out which program best suits your needs and work with you to ensure you get you money fast.  We also pride ourselves on having a caring, experienced staff who understand how to work with business owners properly and will give you industry leading customer care.

Our business borrow alternative to a high risk business loan has another great benefit. You can use the money for any purpose you choose. Many business owners seek fast working capitol to meet an immediate business need.  they see an opportunity in the market, they want to expand or they have an opportunity to acquire assets for an unbelievable price; all of which are valid reasons to seek a business loan, even if they were high risk. But with our business borrow alternative, you can use the money for any reason; business or personal.

high_rick_business_loanHigh Risk Business Loan

All of us, from time to time, come across a personal reason for fast cash.  Imagine having two daughters who are one year apart. Let’s say they are in their mid-twenties and both have great long-term boyfriends.  Imagine the parents are small business owners and have paid for their college educations, so their daughters would not be straddled with debt starting out, but that left them a tad cash poor. Can you also imagine the joy, then stress if they received a couple of calls saying, “we’re getting married!” Our business borrow program would be a welcomed tool those parents could turn to for help. You can use our high risk business loan programs any way you feel is best for you.

In the final analysis, it is up to the individual business owner whether our high risk business loans are right for their specific situation. We work with people each and every day to give them the cash they need, regardless of their credit or previous high risk.  We are business owners as well and understand that business owners take risks; it is the nature of business.  Sometimes a risk will not pan out. High risk business loans penalizes business owners for their previous missed attempts. Our business borrow programs do not.

Give us a call toll free at (866) 739-5558 or email us.  We look forward to working with you to find the best high risk business loan for you.