Hospitality Industry Financing

If You Own A Business In The Hospitality Industry, We Can Get You Funding.

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Hospitality Industry Financing Is Different From Many Other Businesses.

We understand the complexities involved with owning a hospitality based business. We have an alternative funding option called a business borrow. It might be the financing option you need.

Hospitality Industry Financing

HotelHospitality Industry Financing

Owning a hospitality business is a lot of work.  There are many unique factors to the industry. We know.  We work successfully with hospitality based business owners each and every day. If you are looking for hospitality industry financing, we can help.  We have a unique financial tool called a business borrow. It might be a better way to secure hospitality industry financing. Here’s why.

When you think hospitality industry financing, does a picture of a commercial banker come to mind?  It does for most people. Conventional loans are complicated.  There are also getting harder to qualify for these days. A business borrow removes so many of the complexities found in traditional loans. The ease of a business borrow is very appealing. A bank’s application form can seem like a small novel. Our’s is only one page in length.

Filling out a business borrow application only takes a few moments of your time. In fact, you can fill out the form, send it to us and get your business borrow approval within 24 hours. Now that’s fast. We have high approval rates. Over 90% of the business owners who apply get approved. Once we have approved you, we fund your advance in days. Would you like up to $500,000?  Would that help your business grow?  Of course it could. Our form of hospitality industry financing makes it possible.

Your approval is not based on your credit score. It is based on your revenue.  If you can show us that you bring in over $3,000 a month, we can more than likely qualify you for a business borrow. The amount financed is dependent on your income levels. The more you make, the higher the loan amount. Don’t let a poor credit score stop you from seeking out hospitality industry financing. We can make it happen with a business borrow.

We do not ask you for collateral either.  A bank insists that you offer up something of value when you apply for a loan.  They want protection. They are safe with your assets as collateral. You default, they collect the collateral. A business borrow is an unsecured alternative to conventional hospitality inventory financing. It is actually safer than a bank loan. Go forbid, you strike out.  You get a loan to expand your business, but it just didn’t work. A bank would collect their collateral. What if the collateral was needed to run your business?  It could be the last nail in your business’s coffin. Since a business borrow is unsecured, you would be safe had you used that method of hospitality industry financing instead.

We also do not have you personally guarantee your hospitality industry financing. Some business owners fall into the personal guarantee trap. It is very seductive. We advise our clients against it. Now you are putting even more at risk.  Your home. You cars. You get the idea.  A business borrow keeps all your property safe. Business and personal. It is why many smart people use it for hospitality industry financing.

This all sounds great. What’s the catch? There is none. In fact, there is still more good news about our form of hospitality industry financing. there are no set monthly paybacks. We offer you many flexible ways to repay the loan.  We approved you based on revenue.  As new revenues come into your business, we take a small percentage.  The fraction is decided by you before receiving the business borrow. When times are good, we are repaid a lot faster.  When income slows, it takes a tad longer for us to get repaid. Either way, you have peace of mind.  No nuts to crack each month. No worries at all.

Use the funds your receive from our form of hospitality industry financing however meets your needs. Some of our clients open up new locations.  Others invest in new restaurant equipment.  The choice is always yours. You can use the monies for any reason, including for personal reasons.

hospitality-industry-financingHospitality Industry Financing Alternative

We do have some clients who use the advance for personal uses. Perhaps they need to pay for college. Maybe they need a new car.  Whatever it is, it’s fine with us. Our form of hospitality industry financing is a tool that can be used for business or pleasure.

Contact us for more information.  We always offer a free consultation for anyone interested in learning more.  We will talk to you and find the best hospitality industry financing for your specific situation. Fill out the form above, call us or send us an email.  Our toll free number is (866) 739-5558. We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s see if a business borrow is the right form of hospitality industry financing for you.