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Hotel Financing Is Not As Easy To Obtain As It Was In The Past.

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Conventional Avenues Of Getting Your Hands On Funding For Your Hotel Have Tightened Their Restrictions. We Cn Help..

We offer an alternative to traditional hotel financing. It is called a business borrow and it may be right for your situation.

Hotel Financing

Hotel_financingHotel Financing

Everyone in the hotel industry realizes that it is harder and harder to obtain hotel financing. That said, hotel owner still need access to liquid capital to ensure their business can run successfully. If banks and other commercial lenders are not a reliable source, where does the hotel owner go to get the cash he or she needs?  They come to us.  We offer an alternative hotel financing solution. It is called a business borrow.

Many successful hotel owners have turned to our business borrows for hotel financing.  Many tried to get commercial loans but could not. Some cited credit issues as the reason. Others told us they did not want to put up the collateral.  Still others said the process was too long. They were frustrated with the amount of paperwork and prodding they had to endure. Most were shocked when they heard that we can have them approved for hotel financing in one business day. Their jaws dropped further when we told them we could have cash in their banks in days.

Our business borrows are fast. We only require that you have been in business for at least three months and can show 3K a month or more income. Using a business borrow for hotel financing means we are only concerned about your ability to earn revenue in the future. If you can, you more than likely qualify for our version of hotel financing. We have a very high approval rate. We help you take advantage of an overlooked asset…your future earnings.  We lend hotel owners up to $500,000 based on your recent revenue.

Our application consists of one page.  It is simple and easy to fill out and send back. Since it is such a simple application, your approved in hours. It can be so fast because we do not worry about your personal our business credit.  If you have had some credit dings in the past, don’t worry.  You can obtain hotel financing even with great credit. We understand that many hotel owners do not even apply for the hotel financing they need because of their credit.  Do not stop your hotel from growing because of bad credit. We can help.

Our business borrow is an unsecured form of hotel financing. You do not need to put your hotel’s assets on the line to get funding. Protect your hard earned business assets with a business borrow. Some hotel owners resort to personal loans.  Do not fall into that trap. If you sign a personal guarantee to get hotel financing you are putting yourself and family in a potentially bad situation. Our business borrow does not require your personal guarantee. It is a safe alternative to personal loans.

Paying back your hotel financing is flexible.  We will offer you a variety of payback terms.  All of the payback plans will be a fraction of your future revenues.  As your guests pay you, you pay us.  You pick the percentage you’re comfortable with and we get paid back over time. I personally live in Florida.  There are many hotels in our state that have awful summer seasons. When times are slow at your hotel, you pay us back slower.  When your rooms are full, we get our money back sooner. you never have to worry about large monthly loan bill with our business borrow.

hotel-financingHotel Financing Options

Our hotel financing alternative can be used to help you maintain or build your business.  Perhaps you want hotel financing to update rooms or amenities. Others use their hotel financing funds on advertising or expansion.  There are thousands of potential uses. You are free to use your business borrow anyway you choose. Some of our clients use the cash they receive from hotel financing on personal needs. We all have personal needs from time to time. Use your future income to take care of today’s need. It’s your money. Use it for your business or for yourself.

Getting started is easy. Give us a call at (866) 739-5558 os send us an email.  We offer potential clients  a free, no cost evaluation of their individualize circumstance. We then find the best possible hotel financing options in hours. If you find one to your liking, you agree and up to $500,000 will be wired to you account in days. Hotel financing has never been easier. We look forward to hearing from and seeing if our business borrow is a better way to obtain hotel financing for you.