Kentucky Business Borrow

A business borrow can help Kentucky business owners get the cash they need for their businesses.

If you own a business in Kentucky, congratulations.  We are small business owners and know the trials associated with building, running and growing a small business. We know cash is needed to expand. We also know that banks are not lending like they were back in the god old days, so to speak. What is a Kentucky business owner to do when he or she needs business cash?  Get a Kentucky business borrow.

If you are not familiar with a Kentucky business borrow, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find out. The short answer is this.  A Kentucky business borrow is a business loan alternative that is simple, fast, safe and offers better repayment options than a regular bank loan. Sounds great. What’s the catch? There are really no catches to a Kentucky business borrow.  The statement you just read is true.  That said, a Kentucky business borrow can be more expensive than a bank business loan, but what good is a better loan rate if you cannot get the loan?

kentucky_business-cash_advanceKentucky Business Borrow

Did you know that banks, commercial banks specifically, only approve around 17% of their applicants? What about the other 80+% of Kentucky business owners?  What can they do?  Well, more and more are finding out about our Kentucky business borrow loans.  Once they compare benefits and price, most are turning to us for their business loan needs…and most will never go back to a bank; even if they could qualify for their better rates. Here is why this trend is taking place.

We approve over 90% of Kentucky business owners who apply for a business borrow. People love to pick up the phone when we call them.  We always have good news. The key way we can approve more than 9 out of 10 Kentucky business borrow applications is because we look at revenue, not credit. We feel revenue tells the real story.  Credit, well it paints a picture of the past. That’s a picture that may not be relevant today.

Banks have a very high credit standard these days. Most Kentucky business owners loss out on bank loans for credit reasons alone.  We know that it is not easy building a business.  We look at your revenues so we can see if your hard efforts paid off.  If they did, and you have a business that generates revenue, why should we stop you from getting a Kentucky business borrow? We shouldn’t and we don’t. Here is some more good news due to our focus on revenue.

Our process is easy and fast. Yup, very simple and very fast, in fact. How simple? Let;s start with our Kentucky business borrow loan application. It will take you a few minutes to fill out completely. It is only one page long.  One page. Why?  We do not need to a full financial analysis to approve you for a Kentucky business borrow. Again, we want to see your revenues. Since it is easy, it is also fast.

We do not have to review tons of material.  We verify a few things and make a decision right away. Haw fast can we make a decision on a Kentucky business borrow? We do it in less than 24 hours. Simple is good. Fast is better.  We offer both with our Kentucky business borrow loan. Here is where some people get blown away.

kentucky-business-cash-advanceKentucky Business Borrow Loan

A Kentucky business borrow is safer than a bank loan. You read that correctly. It is safer. How? Banks offer secured loans. That means they want your collateral to protect them from losses. You are the one paying them interest and taking all the risk.  Doesn’t sound like a real good deal for you, does it. Our Kentucky business borrow is an unsecured loan.  We do not ask for collateral.  We do not ask for a personal guarantee.  If you fail to pay us pack, you do not lose any business or personal property. Why would you want to save a few dollars and be held to a high level of risk with a bank loan? Don’t do it.  get a Kentucky business borrow instead.

Sounds good?  I thought so. We are one of the fastest growing segments in the industry for good reason. We even make it easy to repay your Kentucky business borrow. We have options.  We will explain them to you when you are approved.  Don;t worry. It is just as simple as the rest of our process.  We just want to make sure you select the best why to pay us back for you Kentucky business borrow. A way that is right for you and your business.

Why not give us a call right now to get started?  We are hear to help you every step of the way.  Call us at (866) 739-5558.  We will answer andy questions you may have regarding a Kentucky business borrow.