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Our business borrow programs are an intelligent alternative to conventional liquor store financing.

Liquor Store Financing

liquor_store_financingLiquor Store Financing

Liquor store owners have reported to us that they are find it more and more difficult to obtain liquor store financing.  Their usual sources are not lending as easily as in years past. The standards have been raised so high that it is near impossible to qualify.  Even if you do qualify, the process is very time consuming. There are mountains of paperwork to fill out, high credit standards and you must put up collateral to back the loan. We have an alternative called a business borrow.

A business borrow is a smart alternative to traditional liquor store financing. We high have approval rates for liquor store owners. A business borrow is different from conventional liquor store financing in that qualification is based on our revenue. Your business and personal credit is not taken into consideration. Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

First we look at the past few months of your revenue.  We then calculate your anticipated future revenue. Then, we approve you for a business borrow up to $500,000. Next, you are presented with some flexible payback options. You choose the one you feel most comfortable with and we wire your cash to your bank. Our version of liquor store financing is fast, simple and flexible.

Our liquor store financing program is so streamlined that our application is only one page long. Can you even imagine a bank saying that about their application. Think about it.  Since all we consider is your revenue, we do not need to know about your credit or assets. Since we are so streamlined, you will receive your approval notification with one business day. You can been enjoying the benefits of your liquor store financing within days of contacting us.

Our business borrows are unsecured.  This means that none of your business assets are put in jeopardy.  This will give you piece of mind in case there are any unforeseen storms on the horizon. Traditional liquor store financing requires you to put up collateral to mitigate the bank’s risks, Our business borrow loans are a safer way to get the cash you need.

Speaking of collateral, be wary of using a personal loans as a way to get liquor store financing. It’s tempting, but keep you and your families valuables safe. Again, what if there is that unforeseen storm? We advise all of our clients to really think twice before signing a personal loan with guarantees.

There is a common misconception that a business borrow is available to only those using credit card machines. Many people also think you have to switch credit card processing providers to get the loan. That is not the case.  We provide business borrows to business owners who receive money in a variety of ways. we do not require you to change credit card processors either. There are other common misconceptions about business borrows as well.  Let’s take a look at the real benefits:

  • Simple 1 Page Application
  • Business Credit Not An Issue
  • Personal Credit Not An Issue
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • No Collateral Needed
  • 24 Hour Approval Process
  • Receive Up To $500,000
  • Cash In Your Account In Days
  • Easy, Flexible Payback Options

Last take a closer look at that last item. With a conventional loan, you have a large, fixed monthly loan payment. Not so when you use a business borrow for your liquor store financing needs. When you are approved, you are presented with some payback options. All the repayment options are based on us receiving a small fraction of your future revenues.  As you get paid, we get repaid. Over time, you repay the loan in full,

Since you have chosen the percentage amount, you are more comfortable. You have no fixed monthly payments. If that storm does hit, your safe. We just get paid back a little later. This is why many smart business owners choose our business borrow for liquor store financing.

You can use your cash advance to acquire more liquor, expand your product line or even open up another liquor store. Many of our clients have invested their business borrow so wisely that they made a lot of money.  This is money that would have made with our alternative liquor store financing. They never missed the small percentage payback because their revenues increased so much.  If you have an urgent opportunity and need cash fast, contact us. You may be seeing the positive results of seizing that opportunity in days.

Perhaps you would like to use your liquor store financing proceeds for personal needs. Our business borrow loan allows you to do that.  You can use the monies you receive for any purpose you want. Business or personal, it is your money. Do with it as you wish. That is just another benefit of using our business borrow for liquor store financing.

If this sounds like a good way to get your liquor store financing, get in touch with us. You can call us toll free at (866) 739-5558, fill out the form on the top of the page or send us an email. We offer free, obligation information. We have help many store owners get liquor store financing that meets their specific needs. We hope to do the same for you.