Maine Business Borrow

A Maine business borrow can give our state’s business owners access to fast, affordable cash.

Cash helps all businesses. Having access to it is not so universal.  A Maine business borrow helps many of our state’s business owners maintain and grow their Maine based business.  There are a lot of advances to a Maine business borrow. Let’s look a little closer at them and see why they are become more and more used in Maine.

A Maine business borrow is different than a bank loan. Banks loans offer a very competitive rate. Why?  because they only approve people with excellent credit and sufficient collateral. If you do not have perfect, or perhaps, near perfect credit, you are not going to get approved for a bank business loan. It is just the way things are since the downturn. Banks had to raise their lending standards. That left many Maine business owners without a way to get business funds; that is, until they learn about our Maine business borrow programs.

maine_business_cash_advanceMaine Business Borrow

Let me respect your time with some Maine business borrow highlights. Here is perhaps the most important. We approve over 90% of people who apply for a Maine business borrow. The banks approve only 17% or so…and you would think that the ones who applied thought they had a shot.  If their credit was awful, would they even waste their time?  I hope not. A Maine business borrow loan approves people with all types of credit scores. We can more than likely approve you, too, for a Maine business borrow.

How can we do this? It is simple.  We do not care so much about your entire financial life.  We want to know if you have a business than makes money.  If you do, you can qualify for a Maine business borrow. Credit?  That show what you have or have not done in the past.  Your monthly income shows us where you are today.  It also shows if you are a good bet for tomorrow as well.  We look at those factors to see fi you qualify for a Maine business borrow. Simple, right?  Well, it stays that way.

Our application form is a single, one-sided piece of paper (regular length as well). It is not crammed with invasive questions.  We just want basic info to see if you qualify for a Maine business borrow. We also require some banks statements from your commercial account. Once we get it all at our office, we go to work.  You can fax or scan and email them to us.  We make that simple, too.

We go over your Maine business borrow and have an answer for you right away. How long, you may ask?  We give Maine business borrow answers to our applicants in one business day.  No waiting. No worrying. No wondering. Just one business day is all it takes to see if you qualified for a Maine business borrow. Mots of the time it is a yes.

If it is a yes, we then talk to you the Maine business borrow loan terms.  They are just as simple as everything else so far.  We also ask how you want to pay us back.  We work with Maine business owners to ensure they have a pay back arrangement that they are comfortable with using. When everything is completed and signed, we sign you your Maine business borrow money.

main_business-cash-advanceMaine Business Borrow Loan

We do this fast as well. It will take our office around 3 business days to fund your bank account. No more, really. Sometimes we are even quicker. Your Maine business borrow proceeds will be yours in days. All of this sounds great, right?  Did you know some people use us even if they could qualify at the bank?  Why, would they do that? Here is their secret.

There are no collateral or guarantees needed to get a Maine business borrow loans.  A bank would not even think of lending this way.  We do…and we do it every day.  We know that having our service is a real positive for every Maine based business.  Our default rates are lower than banks; even though we do not require collateral for a Maine business borrow. It is a new way of thinking about a loan.  A Maine business borrow keeps you and your business property safer than a bank loan.

We encourage you to give us a call at (866) 739-5558.  We offer free, no obligation consultations for all Maine business owners.  We want to fit the right Maine business borrow for you.