Maryland Business Borrow

A Maryland business borrow helps our area business owners meet financial needs and opportunities, without the need for a bank.

Are you a Maryland business owner? Have you heard of a Maryland business borrow?  If not, this article is for you.  we will go over what a Maryland business borrow is and how it might be the funding source of your dreams.

When Maryland business owners think about getting cash for their business, most think about getting a loan from a bank.  We have been brought up to think that was the best way, right?  Not always. Sure. Banks have lower rates than a Maryland business borrow. That said, a bank loan can be more costly in the long run. Let’s see why that is and look at some other benefits of a Maryland business borrow.

maryland_business_cash_advanceMaryland Business Borrow

Banks do not lend to just any Maryland business owner.  Do you have perfect credit?  Well, than you will, more than likely, be denied for a bank business loan. What if your business is doing great? Sorry. No deal.  Banks have stopped lending to business owners without great credit. Why?  The financial crisis of 2008 on have hampered the banks desire to lend to anyone with perfect credit. It protects them from losses. It also stops Maryland business owners from getting the cash they need to run and grow their businesses.  A Maryland cash advance may be the answer for those with less than perfect credit.

A MAryland cash advance has much higher approval rates. In fact we approve over 90% of Maryland business owners who apply for one of our cash advances. The bankers? Even though people know going in that is is hard to get a bank loan (so we assume they all have pretty good credit), it is a little more than 1 out of 6. Imagine that for a second. The hopes and dreams of some many business people shattered by not getting a bank loan for their business.  They should have turned to a Maryland business borrow instead. You want want to consider one as well. For even more reasons than our approval rate.

Before we move on to other reason we are better than a bank loan, how can we approve so many for our Maryland business borrow loans? It’s simple.  We look at your business revenues. If you have a business that is bringing in money, you are probably going to get a Maryland business borrow loan. We know it is tough to build a business, especially in Maryland.  You may have had a hit or two on your credit score along the way.  We get it. And we do not punish you for that reality. If you have made it through and are bring in money, why should you not get a loan, right? We think so. And that is why we approve so many people for our Maryland business borrow program. But there are other factors to consider when comparing a Maryland business borrow to a bank loan.

A Maryland business borrow loan is a simple process. We make it easy to apply, easy to get approved for and easy to repay. We already spoke about how easy it is to get approved for a Maryland business borrow. Let’s focus now on the application process.  Our Maryland business borrow application is just a single page long.  That’s all there is to it. One page.  You will be hard pressed to take more than 5 minutes to fill it out.  Round up some bank statements and send it all in to our office.  You can scan and email it or just fax it over. That is the entire process of applying for a Maryland business borrow.

Once we have your application, we start working on it right away. No bankers hours here. Since there are not a lot of fields in our Maryland business borrow application, we are quick. We give our customers and answer in one business day. We do even sometimes get in touch with them with the good news over the weekend. We want to make this fast because we know you want your Maryland business borrow funds as fast as possible.

maryland-business-cash-advanceMaryland Business Borrow Loan

Once you get you approval, we talk about the advance itself. It does not take a long time. We do want to ensure you know the terms well and know about the varied pay back options you have to repay the Maryland business borrow. We do have options.  We do not force you into a fixed pay back. Many of our customers like this approach. As they make money, a part of it is used to repay the Maryland business borrow. This means no worries if business slows down for a while after investing the Maryland business borrow funds. Fixed payment or not, we work with you to get the pay back scheme that works best for you and your business.

This next one is a big one.  We do not as you to back the loan with property, equipment or even a personal guarantee.  Banks always want collateral when they make a business loan. It is tempting to put up, but why?  A Maryland business borrow will give you the cash without all the worry.  This is a much safer alternative for you and your business. For this reason alone we get Maryland based business owners to use our cash advances instead of an unsafe bank loan. Think about it. It just makes sense.

Give us a call at (866) 739-5558 to learn more.  We are happy to help you decide if a Maryland business borrow is the right financial tool for you