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If you have been in business for over 3 months and generate over $3,000 a month, you can get a business borrow fast

Merchant Cash Advance

We offer a variety of financial solutions for small to large business looking for an alternative to traditional banks. A merchant cash advance is a simple, yet very powerful concept. The business gets a large sum of money upfront and gradually pays the monies back over time from a small fraction of their future receivables. This way of loan payback means there are no fixed monthly payback schedules, which helps most businesses because their incomes are not usually fixed in the real world.
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Another reason business owners turn to a merchant cash advance is that is is fast.  We can get our clients approved for the cash they need in less than 24 hours. Once approved, they get that cash in days. Can you imagine a traditional bank getting you a loan that fast? Of course not.  We can’t either. We are small business owners as well and realize access to fast cash can make the difference in your business’s bottom line.

You can use your merchant cash advance for any reason, business or personal.  Most of the time, a business owner come across a great opportunity to grow their business, such as buying inventory for pennies on the dollar. If they did not have access to fast cash, they would not be able to close the deal and be even more profitable.  By leveraging their future income, can can buy that inventory and slowly pay back the advance while helping their bottom line.
We have other clients who turn to a merchant cash advance during downtimes. It helps them offset expenses during their lean season. There are still other business owners who spend the monies they get from their advance for personal reasons. I can remember one client who had an unexpected wedding she had to finance and used a merchant cash advance for that purpose. We understand that it is your money and allow you to spend it the way you see best.
We require only a small amount of paperwork to get you approved. It is one of the ways we can get your merchant cash advance to you so quickly. Your personal and business credit is also not a concern.  We are basing our decision on your future income potential.  We do require, however, that you have been in business for at least three months. We will also need you to show at least three thousand dollars in money income.  That’s it.  Simple , fast and friendly.
Speaking of friendly, The Business Borrow Company has a long standing reputation of providing great customer care. We know how hard you have worked building you business and want to truly help you grow and succeed. We are small business owners, too. We have a friendly staff that will walk you through the process.  We will take the time to listen to your situation and help you select the program that best suits your needs.
…and you do not have to switch credit card processors (in fact, you do not even need to take credit cards to qualify for a merchant cash advance). We know that there are a lot of business out there

merchant-cash_advancesMerchant Cash Advances

that make you switch  credit card processors, but that’s not our way.  If you are happy with your current processing system, keep it. If we can find a better deal for you, great. Credit card processing is not our main business.  Yes, we have relationships that usually can save the business owner money each and every month, but merchant cash advances are not approved based on which processor a client chooses to utilize.

…and here are no set up fees, brokers fees or additional fees of any kind. One of our main sources of income is referrals. We get those referrals because of how we treat our clients, our access to a wide variety of financial programs and the speed of our process.  We tacked on annoying fees, we would have less clients; and we would certainly have less happy clients.  Happy clients tell their friends and business associates about us and we enjoy new business each and every month.  We believe there is no additional fee large enough that could make us more money than our referrals and repeat business. Besides, it’s just the right thing to do.
Are you already in a merchant cash advance agreement and did not received favorable terms and conditions?  We might be able to help you get out from under a bad agreement. Some of our best clients are those who had a bad experience in the past.  We have been contacted by people who sign poor merchant cash advance deals and found ways to ay off the original agreement and secure a better, business-owner friendly new agreement. Depending on the size of your original agreement, this approach could save you thousands. If you find yourself in this situation give us a call for a free, no obligation examination of your current merchant cash advance deal.  We will look it over thoroughly and see if we have a program available that can save you money.  If we do not, you have peace of mind; knowing that you have a legitimate deal. We are happy to lend a helping hand.
If your looking for a merchant cash advance, call us at (866) 739-5558. We normally answer our phone up until 9:00pm or so each day (Eastern Time). If it is after our normal hours and we can not pick up, leave a message and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.  You can also send us an email at it is NOT .com). We’d be glad to show you if your best option is a merchant cash advance.