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Obtaining Motel Financing Is Crucial To Running Your Business

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Motel Financing Is Getting Harder And Harder To Qualify For These Days.

We have a better idea. Have you looked into using a business borrow as an alternative way of getting motel financing? It might be your best option.

Motel Financing

motel_financingMotel Financing

Motel financing is hard to come by these days. It is not 2005.  The market has changed. Banks are not giving out motel financing like they did before the market changed.  There is a new reality. Are you ready to deal with the new situation?  Many forward thinking motel owners are turning to a business borrow for their motel financing needs.  There are a lot of reason it works for them. Here are some of those reasons.

A business borrow is easier to qualify for then bank motel financing. It’s true.  Banks make qualifying for motel financing hard.  There are so many things they look at. Your credit. Your collateral. Time in business. Perhaps even your personal credit. These and other factors are taken into consideration.  The amount of things they look at makes the process slow, clunky and difficult. A business borrow is swift.

How fast is a business borrow.  We approve you in hours. Yes, hours. Our application only takes minutes. After your approved and agree to the terms, you will be funded in days. Days.  I do not even think you can complete the forms you need for motel financing from a bank in the time we give you money.

Speed is important in business. What if you need motel financing right away.  Perhaps there is an opportunity for you to get a new motel at a fraction of it;s appraised value.  You need cash fast.  A business borrow can give you the motel financing you need to strike on time sensitive opportunities.

Your credit is not an issue with our hotel financing alternative. We do not focus on your credit. If you have had some blemishes on you credit history, your still okay with us. It happens. Your a business owner. If hotel financing is always dependent on perfect credit, how many motel owners will ever qualify? With a business borrow, many more will.

Banks want collateral for motel financing.  We get it. They want to protect themselves when they give you motel financing. You will have to guarantee them something if you default. Motel financing can be costly. If you do not want to risk your business property, think about using a business borrow as an alternative to conventional motel financing.

Our business borrows can get you up to $500,000. Can you use that much cash, in terms of motel financing, for you motel? Motel owners are some of our most approved businesses.  They also get some of the highest advances. If you need motel financing, we can help.

What would you do with up to $500,00?  Would you renovate your motel?  Would you build new facilities? How about getting a new location?  These are all ways our clients have used their motel financing proceeds.  You can use the money you get from us any way you want. It’s always your choice. Even if you want to use your motel financing for personal financial  needs.

motel-financingMotel Financing Options

Yup. You can use the monies you get from our motel financing options for your personal reasons.  Many of our clients do.  Think about it.  You have a need for cash in your personal life. Where do you turn?  Well, you could get a personal loan.  Those are always risky.  You can put your home and contents at risk.  If you do not have a large sum of cash handy, a business borrow may be your best option. It’s simple. safe and fast.

How do you pay back bank motel financing?  You know.  You have monthly payments. Usually large ones. If your business has difficulties, the bank doesn’t care.  You still have to service your motel financing loan payment. A business borrow has flexible payback options. You only pay us a small fraction of your future receipts.

As your customer pay you, you pay us back. It’s that simple. No fixed monthly paybacks for our motel financing options. This means that you never have to worry if your motel does not have a great month or two. This gives our business borrow clients security and peace of mind.

Give us a call at (866) 739-5558 to learn more about out motel financing options.  You can also email us  or fill out the form at the top of this page. We are here for you.  We offer free, no obligation advise for those looking at their motel financing options.  We look forward to speaking with you. Let’s see if a business borrow is the right motel financing option for you.