New Jersey Business Borrow

A Business Borrow Helps New Jersey Business Owners Secure The Cash Their Businesses Need.

Are you a New Jersey business owner? Could your business benefit from a business borrow?  Do you know what a New Jersey business borrow is? Many people do not. And that could hurt them and there business. By learning more about our New Jersey business borrow program, you can ensure that your business has the cash it needs at all times.

A business borrow is not a bank loan. That’s a good thing. Why? A bank loan has many disadvantages. Let’s look at some specific examples of why a bank loan is not as good as a New Jersey business borrow.

new_jersey_business_cash_advanceNew Jersey Business Borrow

Why is a bank loan is hard to get?  The process is hard.  They make you jump through a ton of hoops before they let you know if you can qualify.  They look at bank statements.  They look at income.  They look at credit. It is a long process that requires a lot of time and energy from you.

By the way, I mentioned credit just now. Credit may be the biggest obstacle to getting a loan from a bank. These days you need near perfect credit to qualify for a bank loan. It is not like the old days. There are many new requirements the banks have to deal with. Our New Jersey business borrow loans approve people with not so great credit everyday.

OK, what’s the catch, right? How can our New Jersey business borrow loans approve business owners when banks can’t?  We look at things differently.  We look at your income, rather than your credit scores.  If you can show you make money, we can lend you more. It is really that simple.

We approve over 90% of those looking for a New Jersey business borrow. 9 out of 10.  We can do this because we really look at your revenue. The banks? 16.9%. Let’s be honest with each other.  How many New Jersey business owners do not even try to get a loan because they know they will not qualify? Once they know about us, they can get the cash their business need to grow.

A New Jersey business borrow loan is simple. Since we do not look at all the things a bank does, we can be really fast.  Our application is just a page long. One page.  You can complete it over coffee and send it and some recent bank statements back to us fast. Once we get your New Jersey business borrow application, we process it fast as well.

We will let you know in one business day if you got approved. One day. Since the application is so short, we do not have a lot to do on our end. That is why we can approve your New Jersey business borrow so fast. Can you think of your bank approving you in one day>  Of course they can’t.  A New Jersey business borrow is the fastest way to get cash for your New Jersey based business.

The speed does not stop with the approval.  We fund your New Jersey business borrow in days. We will put the money into your account in 2 to 3 business days.  You could apply on a Monday and have cash before the weekend. That’s all great. But how much can you get from a New Jersey business borrow loan? We lend up to $2,000,000 per business location.

We calculate how much you get based on how much you bring in. If your business generates$5,000 a month your not going to get $2,000,000. Our New Jersey business borrow loans are always in line with your business income.

new-jersey-business-cash-advanceNew Jersey Business Borrow Loan

We even make paying us back as simple as possible. How?  Well, you can choose to have a small portion of your future income come to us.  Over time, you will have repaid us the entire New Jersey business borrow.  You can choose to have a fixed payment instead.  It is always your choice.

One final note.  A New Jersey business borrow is safer than a bank loan. Yup. Safer. How?  We do not require any collateral. Banks will ask that you put up some asset as collateral. Don’t pay?  You lose the asset. A New Jersey business borrow is an unsecured business loan. No collateral needed.  Many New Jersey business owners have told us they use us for this reason alone.

If you are interested in learning more, give us a call (866) 739-5558.  We can help to see if a New Jersey business borrow is a good fir for your business.