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Turn Down By Your Bank? We Have A Better Way To Obtain Nightclub Financing.

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Getting The Right Type Of Nightclub Financing Is Crucial For Your Club’s Success.

If you are finding hard to obtain funding from traditional sources, we can help.

Nightclub Financing

nightclub_financingNightclub Financing

It’s not you.  getting nightclub financing has become more of a challenge for most people in the industry. Conventional lending sources have restricted the amount of people they are qualifying for business funding in general. Even if you have good business and personal credit it is still hard to get nightclub financing. We have an alternative.  It is called a business borrow.

Using a business borrow for nightclub financing is gaining popularity. More and more nightclub owners are turning to this form of nightclub financing. Why?  because it is simple, fast and secure. Let me explain further.

It is simple because are main concern is your revenue history. If you have 3 months or more or proven revenues exceeding $3,000, you more than likely qualify for a business borrow. That means our application process is easy. In fact, our application is only one page long. Go to a bank and see how long their application is.  A business borrow is truly a simple way to get alternative nightclub financing.

Our process is fast. Our application process is so simple that it takes us under 24 hours to get approvals. We have a very high approval rate. Once you are approved and agree to the terms, you will have your cash deposited into your account in days. The entire process, from contacting us to funding, only takes days. If you tried to get nightclub financing from a bank, you might still be filling out papers in the time we could approve and fund your loan.

A business borrow is secure. Our alternative nightclub financing method does not require any collateral. It is unsecured. That means we do not ask you to use your hard earned business assets as collateral in case you default. Banks want security.  They will demand that you provide them insurance against your loan. We also do not require a personal guarantee. Some club owners resort to personal loans for nightclub financing. Be safe. Use our business borrow instead. Why risk your personal wealth for nightclub financing?

In addition to the benefits of a business borrow mentioned above, consider our flexible payback options. When you use a bank for nightclub financing, you pay them back with a flat, high monthly repayment plan. What if your club has a bad month?  What if you are out of season and your revenue drops?  The bank doesn’t care.  They want their money. A business borrow is different.  We offer flexible repayment options. We take a small percentage of your future revenue to repay the loan. As your club takes in money we get repaid. During down times, we get paid a little less.  When your club is jumping, we get paid back more.  We continue this until you have repaid the loan. I hope you are starting to see why many savvy club owners turn to a business borrow for the nightclub financing needs.

You might be wondering how much we lend.  We can get you up to $500,000 in nightclub financing. The amount depends on your revenue history.  The more you bring in, the bigger the cash advance. We have some club owners who start small and after a couple of months get more. Once your approved for a certain amount, you can take it all or less. The choice is yours.

nightclub-financingNightclub Financing Options

Speaking of choice, you can do whatever you want with your business borrow. Upgrade your sound system. Expand your bar. Invest in advertising. The choice is yours.  You can even use the monies you receive from our form of nightclub financing for personal needs. We do not restrict you to only using your business borrow on your business. We all have personal needs for larger sums of cash than we have on hand.  You can leverage your club’s future income to take care of that personal need today.

If you are intrigued and would like to learn more, contact us. You can call us toll free at (866) 739-5558. You can email us or fill out the form at the top of the page. We will get back to you right away. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right type of nightclub financing. We will help you select from your business borrow options and treat you with respect throughout the process.

A business borrow as an alternative to conventional nightclub financing. It’s simply a better way to go.