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If you have been in business for over 3 months and generate over $3,000 a month, you can get restaurant funding

Restaurant Funding

Obtaining restaurant funding is not always easy. Conventional funding sources, like commercial banks, have tightened up the requirements to get a loan for all businesses. To banks, restaurant funding is especially risky as they perceive that many restaurants do not survive long enough for them to recoup their investment. It is hard to get restaurant funding from traditional sources with perfect credit. You can imagine that if your credit has some issues, and how many business owners haven’t while growing their business, it would be near impossible to qualify for a business loan. On top of all that, even if the bank will approval you for restaurant funding, you would have to go through a lengthy, paperwork-rich process that would consume time that you could be putting into your restaurant. We have a better way.

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Or alternative to traditional restaurant funding is a business borrow. Simply put, a business borrow gives you money today for tomorrow’s revenue. You can harness the power of your future income to meet today’s demands. Since a business borrow looks at your revenue, credit is not an issue. The biggest determining factor is how much revenue you generate each month. We do require that you bring in at least $3,000 a month in income.

Since e only really consider income, we have a simple one page application. We can have you approved for a business borrow within twenty four hours.  We will then wire cash into your account within days. It really is simple and fast, but it is also safe way to obtain restaurant funding. Let me explain further.

Restaurant owners have usually pour their hearts and souls into their establishments.  They have also, more than likely, poured their money into it as well. Banks require collateral for restaurant funding.  If the restaurant owner puts up hard fought for business assets, he or she is at risk of losing them if something bad happened. You have worked hard for those assets, keep them safe by using a business borrow.

Some restaurant owners will use a personal loan to fund their business. If you go that route you are placing your personal assets in peril. To get a personal loan, you have to leverage personal assets. Again, if anything went wrong you could lose those assets. Protect your business and personal assets and consider using a business borrow for restaurant funding. They are unsecured loans that will not keep you up at night.

restaurant-fundingRestaurant Funding Alternative

Paying back a business borrow is easy. As you receive revenue, we get paid back a small percentage of your receipts. If your restaurant experiences a slow down, we get paid back less. When times are good, we get paid back more. You never have to worry about a fixed monthly bill. We offer flexible pay back terms that keep you in control of your finances.

The other beautiful thing about using a business borrow for restaurant funding is that you may use the money anyway you want. You can use it for business or personal reasons. Many restaurant owners use the cash to build their business. They may have come across a great deal on equipment and need cash to buy it.  They may use the cash for an advertising campaign. There are many sound  business reason to get a cash advance. Even if your needs are personal, you can get a business borrow.

Many of us have the need for a significant amount of cash for personal reasons. Perhaps you need to finance a wedding, a new car or pay for your child’s education.  It is your money to use as you see fit.

I hope you can see the benefits of using our alternative to traditional restaurant funding.  Give us a call at (866) 739-5558 or email us. We can discuss your situation and find the restaurant funding solution that is perfect for you. We offer fast and courteous service. We will work hard for you. Give us a call and see. We look forward to finding your restaurant funding solution.