Retail Business Financing

Are You Finding It Hard To Secure Retail Business Financing? We Have An Alternative.

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The Ability To Purchase Inventory Is Key When Running Your Retail Business.

We understand that it is getting harder and harder to get financing for retail businesses. Our business borrow programs may be the a smart alternative to conventional retail business financing.

Retail Business Financing

retail-business-financingRetail Business FInancing

Liquid cash is the life’s blood of any retail business. If you do not have cash on hand when the opportunity to score your retail items at a discount, it negatively affects your business’s bottom line. Many shrewd retail business owners use a tool that gives them the cash they need to close great deals when they present themselves.  This type of retail business financing is called a “business borrow”. Let me explain further.

Retail business financing is traditional secure through a commercial lending institution. The bank, for example, will have the retail business owner fill out a mountain of paperwork, run their business and/or personal credit and they may seek collateral for the loan in the form of tangible business assets. The application, and final approval process, is arduous and lengthy. Banks have also clamped down and are not as willing to lend to businesses; even those with assets and great credit. Even if you are approved, you will be saddled with a large, fixed monthly loan payment to repay the loan.

If you were to use a business borrow as your retail business financing method, you would enjoy many advantages. Lets look at a few more closely.

  • Simple Application. A business borrow is approved based on your revenue history, not your credit.  The entire application is only one page long.
  • Its Fast. With such a short application process, we can have your approval within 24 hours. We will then wire your cash into your account in days.
  • Get Up To 500K.  We can get up to $500,000 based on your revenue
  • No Credit Worries. Your personal and business credit is not calculated or used to determine if you are eligible.
  • No Collateral.  This is an unsecured way to obtain retail business financing. You have nothing at risk.
  • High Approval Rates. We can usually help most business owners we speak with get the cash they desire.
  • Flexible Payback.  We take a small percentage of your future sales; one that you are comfortable with ahead of time
  • No Fixed Payments. Since payback is done as a fraction of your future sales, there are no monthly payments to worry about.

Our retail business financing options are a smart alternative to traditional loans. And, as you can hopefully understand a this point, can be a powerful tool for any retail business owner. But did you know that the monies your receive from this type of retail business financing can also be used for personal needs? That’s right, personal needs.  You can use your money for any purpose at all.

retail_business_financing_2Retail Business FInancing Alternatives

Sure, most of our customers use the cash to buy new items related to running their business.  Some also embark on new advertising methods, Still others use the money to open up a new location.  You, however, are not limited to using the cash for business opportunities. You may have more pressing personal needs like a down payment of a house, educational expenses or anything else non-business related. When you use one of our retail business financing programs, the money is yours to do with as you see fit.

If you are interested in learning more, give us a call toll free at (866) 739-5558 or send us an email.  We have the knowledge and experience to help get you the proper business borrow.  Once we speak with you, we do figure out the best retail financing options that meet your individual needs.