Salon Financing

The Ability To Get Financing For Your Health or Beauty Salon Has Gotten Harder.

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We Can Offer Salon Owners A Safe & Secure Way To Get The Financing They Need.

Salon financing should not require a long, drawn out examination of every details of you finances. We have a better way and can get you the cash you need in days.

Salon Financing

We understand the funding needs of business owners. Salon owners are unique in that they are in the business of making others look and feel great. But comfort and beauty has a price; and operating and growing your salon requires additional funding from time to time.  We have a salon financing alternative that will give you the cash you need to build your business, so you can help give even more clients the outstanding service your salon is known for. It’s called a business borrow; and it might be the best way for you to secure salon financing.

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A business borrow for salon financing is a simple, fast and secure way to get the funds you need to run or expand you salon. It requires that you have had your salon for at least three month and you have a history of at least $3,00 a month in revenue. Credit is not a concern, business or personal, since we use your future earnings potential to determine if your salon qualifies.

The simplicity of a business borrow to help finance a salon means that you can be approved within a day and have your cash deposited into your bank account just days later.  This is possible because we do not need a mountain of paper to get your approval. This means you can take advantage of out of the blue opportunity for your salon; one that may require more cash than you currently have on hand.  Perhaps their is a salon in town that is closing down and you can get some additional high-end equipment and product for your salon for an incredibly low price.  If you are faced with a situation like that, you could come to us, get a salon business borrow, take advantage of the opportunity and begin enjoying new revenue for your business.

We can qualify you for salon financing for $5,000 to $500,000.  You can use this money for any purpose you desire.  In the example above, I mentioned acquiring inventory and equipment for your salon, but you can use the money for a new ad campaign, to spruce up your shop or for any other way you can build your business. That said, you can use the business borrow for any personal reason as well. While many business owners use the cash advance for their business, you may have a different need for the money. Since it is ultimate your money, you should have the right to spend it your way. We give you that flexibility.

Speaking of flexibility, we will offer a variety of ways to repay the loan.  they will each, however, be a small percentage of your future revenues. This means if business slows, your not stuck paying a fixed monthly cost.  We get paid as you get paid.  When you salon is busy, you make more and we get paid back sooner. We don’t want you worrying about paying us back, we want you happy and providing outstanding service to your salon’s clients. Our salon business borrow financing program is a true win/win.

salon2Salon Business Borrow

We do not require that a salon business owner provide us with a personal guarantee.  This important to take into consideration when you are looking for salon financing. You have worked hard to acquire your personal assets, protect them by not using them as collateral for a business loan. As entrepreneurs, we get so excited about a new idea or business that we can sometimes rush into to something with blind faith. We understand, but want to advise you protect yourself, your personal assets and your family’s future. We provide our salon business borrows fully unsecured. If something were to go wrong, you are safe personally.

The salon business is unique; as are your specific financial needs.  We invite you to call us, speak with one of our salon financing specialist and see if we can find the right salon business borrow for your situation. Our people take the time to listen to you and have the knowledge and experience needed to help ensure success. Our toll free number is (866) 739-5558. We can be reached until 9pm Eastern times most every day. If you prefer to email us about our salon financing options, you can do so here.  Either way, we look forward to speaking with you and setting you up with a salon financing program tailor made for your salon.