Seasonal Business Loans

It Can Be Tough To Get A Loan For A Seasonal Business…That’s Where We Can Help.

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Seasonal Business Loans Help Business Owners Get The Funding They Need To Successfully Compete.

We can help get you the cash you need for your seasonal business. Our seasonal business loans are flexible and can have your ready to better take advantage of the season..

Seasonal Business Loans

A seasonal business has many difference from a traditional ongoing business.  There are pluses and minuses for the seasonal business owner. One of the biggest minuses is that it is much harder to get the funding you need because you do not operate throughout the year and many financial institutions shy away from lending you money.  We are different.  We understand that there are many seasonal businesses that out shine their year-round counterparts in terms of income and we take the time to learn more about your business and your needs to see how we can help you rather than dismissing you because we don’t have a firm grasp on your business model.

seasonal_business_loanSeasonal Business Loans

Seasonal businesses need loans from time to time just like a year-round operation.  We have programs in place that are tailor made for seasonal business. If you are a seasonal business owner and you are looking for a loan, we can help. Here’s how…

We offer seasonal business owners a loan in the form of a business borrow. A business borrow is a form of a loan that gives you money today based on your anticipated revenue tomorrow. we ask for a few moths of your business revenue, from in season, and loan you an amount based on that income.  You get your hands on working capitol right away and we get paid back through a small percentage of your generated revenue.

The process is extremely simple and fast.  Since we only require a few statements, we usually get seasonal business owners approved for a business borrow within 24 hours. We can then fund the merchant in days. Since we base the business borrow on your revenue, credit is not an issue. That helps keep the process quick and painless. Cash in your bank in only days after contacting us…imagine that. We take pride in being among the fastest providers of cash to businesses in the industry.

We also know that business owners like to keep their personal finances separate from their business finances when possible. Our seasonal business loans do not require a personal guarantee.  This is a critical differentiator and should truly be considered when comparing loans. You have worked hard to build your business. After many seasons you have hopefully gathered some personal property from your efforts.  Good for you. That’s the American way. It would be a shame to take out a loan, guarantee your personal assets to secure that loan and then have some unfortunate unforeseen circumstance not only take away your business, but your personal assets as well. Our business borrow alternative to traditional seasonal business loans means you never have to worry about your personal holdings. They will remain yours if something goes terribly wrong.

Do you want some more good news? You can use any of our seasonal business loans for any reason you fill is in your best interest.  Sure, most of our clients use the money for business expansion in areas such as boosting inventory levels, hiring additional seasonal workers, finding new advertising opportunities and other business-related activities. We, however, allow you to use the money for any reason, including personal reasons.

seasonl_business_LoansSeasonal Business Loan

We all have personal situations that may require a rather large sum of cash that we do not have on hand. I am remember a television commercial a few years back that showed a mother and daughter celebrating that the daughter got accepted to an Ivy League school…while the father had on a fake smile and a look of absolute terror. It was funny, because we could all relate. Our business borrow form of a seasonal business loan could be used for the personal reason of your choice. We feel it is your money. You have chosen the flexibility to receive it now rather than 5 months from now and you should be able to spend it as you see fit.

After you have been approved and receive your money, we talk a small percentage of your revenue until you pay back the loan. This is great for seasonal businesses.  If you have big months, you pay back more. When you have down time or small months you don’t have to worry about serving the loan. Instead of making you pay a fixed monthly fee, we get paid back as you receive revenue.

We hope you see the value of our business borrow alternative to seasonal business loans and are also seeing how powerful of financial tool it can be for seasonal businesses. If you own a seasonal business and would like to learn more about how you can use this form of a business borrow, give us a call toll free (866) 739-5558 or email us.  One of our experienced, knowledgable associates will be able to listen to your needs and help you selected the appropriate business borrow for you seasonal business. We are available from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm Eastern time. We are a boutique office that is owner-operated so you can expect extremely high quality service and complete professionalism. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you acquire the right business borrow for your seasonal business.