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We Have An Alternative To Tradition Funding That Have Want To Learn More About.

It’s called a business borrow. It is a financial tool that many smart business owners prefer over a bank loan to secure their funding needs.

Service Business Funding

service_business_fundingService Business Funding

Have you noticed it is getting hard to secure service business funding these days? Most of our client have reported back to us it is. Banks are not as willing to lend to business owners anymore.  Their standards have been raised. But you still need funding, right?  Where should you turn to secure alternative service business funding? Try a business borrow instead. It has many advantages over traditional commercial loans.

Banks alway want to lend money to business owners.  Let me clarify.  They want to lend money to business owners with good or perfect credit. Well, a funny thing usually happens on the road to success. It’s called reality.  Some of us small to large business owners maxed out a credit card or two while we were building our now successful businesses. Payroll, rent, utilities, etc.  all need to get paid. They don’t care that you’re a startup. It can get messy at first. But the cream rises to the top and survives.

A business borrow rewards you for making it. You are approved for service business funding based on you revenues. Not your credit. Banks look at your past. We at you currently and project your earnings in the future. That’s how we make our decision. It’s always revenue based.  Your credit won’t stop you from securing good service business funding options with us. A business borrow is a non traditional business loan with non traditional qualification standards.  Standards that work in your favor.

Banks will ask you what you are going to use for collateral.  It help them mitigate any chances for a loss. Most business owners oblige. Why risk it? What if something goes wrong? Don’t put your valuables at risk just to get service business funding. Think about an alternative.  Think business borrow.

Securing service business funding does not have to be risky. You can get a business borrow and be safe. It is an unsecured form of funding. In the other scenario, the bank is protected. In this one, you are.  We take the risk. Do we lose once in a while, sure.  But the vast majority of our client repay us without issue. They know they can come back to us when the need arises in the future. It’s a win win for everyone.

Speaking of safety, avoid personal loans.  Some service business owners turn to personal loans to get the cash their business needs. This is even a worse scenario than a business loan.  With a business loan, your business assets are at stake.  A personal can ruin your personal situation in a flash. You could lose everything. It is not a smart way to get service business funding. Consider using a business borrow as your safer alternative.

These are some of the reasons some very smart business owners use business borrows to secure their service business funding. But there’s even more. The payback terms are better. They are more business friendly. Banks want you to repay them monthly. Each month you write them a large check until you have repaid them.  there is no wiggle room. No flexibility.  A business borrow is different. You pay us back every time you get income to your business.  We get a small percentage. Those micro-payments add up. You eventually have repaid your service business funding debt. As you make money, we get repaid. It is truly that simple.

service-business-fundingService Business Funding Alternative

You can get up to $500,000 fast. Our form of service business funding can get you that cash in days.  Do you have an opportunity that is too good to resist? Is that opportunity going to go away if you can’t act fast?  Call us.  We can help you get the funds you need to secure the opportunity. Most of our clients tell us that their business borrow helped them grow their businesses. They never even feel the impact of the payback.  There revenues have increased so much it is a net gain to them.

Some of our clients use their service business advance monies for themselves of their families.  We do not limit the funds use. Take care of your personal needs with a business borrow. After all, isn’t it your money?

If you would like some more information, contact us.  You can use the form at the top of the page. Fill it out and we will be in contact with you shortly.  You can also call us tool free at (866) 739-5558. You can also simply email us.  Either way, we are happy to discuss your situation.  We will then find the best service business funding alternatives that are right for you.