Short Term Business Loans

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Short Terms Business Loans Are Getting Harder To Secure.We Have An Alternative. It’s Called A Business Borrow.

A business borrow is a great alternative to short term business loans for many business owners. Find out why below.

Short Term Business Loans

short_term_business_loansShort Term Business Loans

You a business owner. You have an opportunity to grow your business and are looking at short term business loans. More than likely, you;ll find that conventional lenders are not as excited about approving people for short term business loans. New regulations and restrictions mean it is more challenging for business owners to get approved. But you need money quickly.  We have a solution. It’s called a business borrow.

I business borrow is an alternative to usual short term business loans, It does have many advantages. There are many forward-thinking business owners who use their business borrows wisely.  It is a financial option you should learn more about. Here are some of the benefits.

It’s fast.  You can get approved for a business borrow in 24 hours. Our one page application means no waiting. Once approved, you get your cash in days.   It is one of the fastest ways to short term business loans. No waiting. No hassles. No gimmicks. You be wondering how we can operate so fast. We are mainly interested in your revenue.

If you have operated your business for over 3 months and have provable monthly income over $3,000 you should qualify. We look at your past income and determine what you should bring in short term. Based on that figure, we make an offer.  It will be for an amount based on your current level of income. Since we look mainly at revenue, our process is fast.

We do not rely on your business or personal credit score.  If your credit has stopped you from looking at short term business loans, talk to us. Our business borrow alternative could be for you. We understand the realities of being a business owner, We are small business owners as well. If your credit has taken some hits, don’t worry. Our short term business loans could be your ticket to success.

We do not require any collateral.  Keep your hard earned business assets safe. What if your idea is not successful?  Do you really want to risk those assets? With our short term business loans, you do not have to. We also do not ask for a personal guarantee. A business borrow keeps all of your assets safe. Our short term business loans are unsecured. Your future income is your collateral, in a sense.

When you get short term business loans from a bank, you have a larger monthly repayment. Short term loan payback are hard.   Since it is only for a short period, the amount you give the bank is sizable. We have flexible payback options.  All of them are a small percentage of your future revenue. We feel this is a better arrangement for the business owner.  When monies come into your business, we get repaid.  Some months are better than others.  Our system means paying back one of our short term business loans is easier on the owner. It helps give you peace of mind if there is an unexpected downturn.

Melissa Fearn, owner of Executive Barber Shop in Latham (Nate Whitchurch photo)Get Short Term Business Loans

You can get up to $500,000 with one of our short term business loans.  You may use the money to buy new equipment. Some people buy inventory at a real bargain, when it is available.  Knowing you can get money fast is a real tool for the smart business owner.  You know you can strike when any opportunity reveals itself to you. Purchase items for pennies on the dollar. It’s important to have a steady source of fast cash.

Some people who use our short term business loans do so for personal reasons.  You are not limited to using your money on business-related items. We all have, from time to time, a need for cash for personal reasons.  We do not limit when you can do with your business borrow. It’s your money.  You are just getting it a little earlier. Use it anyway you wish.

Some who offer short term business loans add fees. We do not. No broker fees. No application fees. No fees of any kind.  We offer you the opportunity to call us to discuss your needs for free. If we can help you secure one of our short term business loans, great. If not, that’s fine.  Either way, you learn more about a business borrow. You can call us at (866) 739-5558. You can also fill out the form above or send us an email.  We hope to hear from you to see if one of our short term business loans is right for you.