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Small Business Funding

small_business_fundingSmall Business Funding

Are you a small business owner?  Are you finding it increasingly more difficult to get small business funding?  You are not alone. At The Business Borrow Company understand.  We hear it from our clients everyday.

They tell us banks are making it harder for them to secure small business funding. We have an alternative. It’s call a business borrow. A business borrow is a smart small business funding alternative. Why? Let’s take a closer look.

You can get small business funding fast when you use a business borrow. How fast? You can get approved in just 24 hours. Once approved, you get cash in days. It is really that fast. Can you think of any bank that can give you small business funding faster? There isn’t one.

Your credit will not prevent you from getting small business funding. Credit is not an issue with a business borrow.  We look at your current revenue.  If you average over 3k a month, you will likely qualify. No credit worries, business or personal. If you have put off getting small business funding because of credit, a business borrow will help.

You also do not need any collateral for our small business funding alternative. Banks ask for collateral. It is designed to protect them. A business borrow is different. It is an unsecured form of small business funding. That means your company’s property is safe.  If something were to go wrong, you will not lose the assets you have acquired to date.

Most business owners are risk takers. Try to avoid the following trap. Some use personal loans for business needs. We do not make you personal guarantee your business borrow. It can be harmful to you and your family.

I also expect success. That said, I want to mitigate any potential losses.  If I bet my family’s property on a business idea, I would be very stressed. That would not give me the proper mindset for success. Give yourself peace of mind. Consider using a business borrow for your small business funding needs.

A business borrow is fast because there no credit worries, no collateral and no personal guarantees.  We mentioned you can have your funds in days. Are you curious about how much you can get?  We can give you up to $500,000. Imagine. $500,000 in your bank in days.

The amount you will qualify for depends on your current income level. They more you bring in, the larger your small business funding amount. We also give current clients higher amounts. Our clients can request more money after a few weeks of success payments. You may start a little lower at first. You can always increase your small business funding amount as time passes.

Use your small business funding to grow your business. Secure inventory. Hire new people. Produce a TV commercial. You can do anything you need to build your business. A business borrow is a smart, safe and fast way to get the small business funding you need to help you succeed. That said, you are not limited to using your funds for business reasons.

Your read that last sentence right. Our business borrows do not have to be used for business reasons. Let’s be honest. Business owners have personal needs like everyone else. Why shouldn’t they use their business proceeds for personal reasons? We think they should. Use your small business funding for any reason. Business or personal. It’s your funds.  You them as you see it.

I hope you can now see why many highly successful business owners turn to our business borrow programs as a smart alternative to small business funding. Interested in learning more?  Contact us.  Fill out the form above, call us or send us an email. Our toll free number is (866) 739-5558.

We offer free, no obligation advise.  We are experts in how you can use a business borrow for small business funding. Get in touch. We are here to help. Let on eof our experts see if a business borrow is the right small business funding for you.