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We Offer An Alternative To Traditional Small Business Loans That May Be Right For You.

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Small Business Loans

If you are a business owner and you are comparing small business loans, we may have some funding options of interest you. We offer small business owners a business borrow where we loan the business money today based on their anticipated income tomorrow. Let me explain further.

small_bizSmall Business Loans

Many small business owners are experiencing difficulties getting small business loans in the current economic climate. Lenders are clamping down on small businesses and are requiring more paperwork, higher credit and a long, proven history running their small business. This new reality means that many small businesses are not getting approved for the loans they need to operate or grow their business. That’s where we come.

We offer business owners a great alternative to typical small business loans. Our non traditional approach means you can get approved in less than twenty four hours and you can receive your cash in days. We offer small businesses between five thousand and five hundred thousand dollars based on their future anticipated earnings. Even better, your personal or business credit standing is not a factor we consider when deciding if you should get approved for a small business loan.  If you have exceptional credit, and many of our clients do, you will receive an even more favorable rate on your loan. Either way, we can get a great rate and an approval for a small business loan, right away.

Our small business loans can be used for any purpose, personal or business. Small business owners need to turn on a dime to ensure the prosperity of their company. TIme is not usually a commodity they can spend unwisely.  When a small business owner sees an opportunity, they need to act quickly. Unfortunately, a number of small business owners are strapped financially, many times due to their investment in their business, that they may not have the cash on hand to take advantage of an potentially very profitable business opportunity. We can help you leverage your future income to get the cash you need to expand right away.

You might be thinking, “this all sounds good, but how does it work?”. Well, we look at your history of producing income and then advance small businesses a particular amount of cash, based on that history. Take a family dinner, for example. John owns a mom and pop diner that is open for breakfast and lunch. A new restaurant opens across the street and is doing an amazing dinner business. The restaurant is so successful that there are lines waiting to get in. John notices that many of the people in line get frustrated and leave.  That gets him thinking.

John feels that if he could invest in a dinner menu and staff, he could capitalize on the restaurants popularity and get a good dinner crowd at his place as well. Unfortunately, John had a recent family expenditure and has been left cash poor. Sure, John could go the traditional route, apply at a bank, fill out the mountain of papers, give them all the additional information they require and wait…and hope. As we know, times have changed and the likeliness of John getting the loan is not the same as it was a few short years ago. Besides, John want to act quickly to build his brand

small_biz_loanSmall Business Loan

John could come to us, we could look at his last few months of receivables and get him approved for the cash he wants in less than 24 hours. We would then get the cash into his bank in days. He could then deploy his plan and help build an even bigger “small” business.

While “John” is a fictional small business owner, we work with real ones each and every day. We enjoy helping small business owners get the loans they need to operate even more successfully. We feel it is one of the perks of our careers.

If you can see the value of our alternative to traditional small business loans, we encourage you to call us at (866) 739-5558 and speak to us right away. We off free, no obligation advise to small business owners looking for a loan or business borrow. We operate from 9:00am to 9:00pm each day (eastern time zone).

We are very good about answering our phones, but if we are on with another small business owner / client, we will return your call right away. You can always email us at (not .com) and let us know when you would like to speak. We are happy to find out more about your small business and we will work hard to find the proper small business loan alternative to meet your needs. The Business Borrow Company qualifies people for alternative small business loan every day.  You could be next.