Utah Business Borrow

Do you own a business in Utah? Are you in need of extra money? Traditionally, business owners would go to a bank for a loan. Not anymore. More and more people choose a Utah business borrow loan instead. Sadly, a great many still do not know what a business borrow is. Do you? If not, read on. We’ll tell you what a Utah business borrow is all about. We’ll also discuss why it may be a good fit for your business.

Banks are no longer as accommodating to businesses as they used to be. Their loan requirements are getting tighter. Their approval ratings are going lower. Last we checked, they only approve 17% of all bank loan applicants. How’s a business to survive? Money is essential to every business. It is needed for operations. It is needed to buy new equipment. It is needed to keep an establishment in tip top shape. Thankfully, a Utah business borrow is easy to qualify for.

Utah_Business_Cash_AdvanceUtah Business Borrow

Unlike banks, we don’t require Utah business borrow applicants to have impeccable credit scores. In fact, we don’t care about their credit at all. We look at revenues. The earning potential of their business. We don’t even need a lot of paperwork to prove that. Just recent bank statements. Of course, we also need you to accomplish our Utah business borrow application form. Don’t worry. Our application form is only one page long. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to fill out.

When processing your Utah business borrow application, our evaluation will be based entirely on your bank statements. This is where we will see if your business is really making money. Plus, we will see how much. Why is this important? The figures on your bank account will allow us to determine how much we can give you for your Utah business borrow. Wondering just how much you can get? Well, we can’t give you a ball park figure. We need to see how much you business is making. We can tell you this though, we can fund as much as $2 million for each business location.

What we’re about to tell you is something you will never hear your banker or lender say. Ever. Ready? Here it goes. We can get you approved for a Utah business borrow within one business day. One. Business. Day. How are we able to do this? Two things. First, our staff is well-trained. They know how to work fast and efficiently. Next, we don’t ask for a lot of paperwork. This means we don’t really have to do much to get you approved. It’s as simple as that.

Our speed does not end with the application and approval process. You won’t have to wait long for the funds of your Utah business borrow. You can expect to see the money in your account within a few days. Imagine if you send in your application on a Monday. You can get the money you need before the work week ends. That’s how fast we are.

Utah-Business-Cash-AdvanceUtah Business Borrow

One of the most painful things about a bank loan is paying it back. High interest rates. Late fees. Those can lead you into more debt. The last thing we want is to be a burden. This is why we offer very flexible payback plans. You can choose to have us take a small percentage of your future income. Although it will take long, you will be able to pay us back the full amount over time. You can also choose to pay a set amount each month. The point is, how you pay us back for your Utah business borrow will be you decision. Not ours.

One last thing. Our Utah business borrow is collateral free. We are a business too. We know how risky it is to use personal assets as leverage for a loan. What happens when your business does not make enough money for a few months and you’re unable to make your loan payments? You lose your asset. An asset you worked so hard to achieve. We will never let that happen to you. This is why we won’t even ask you for a personal guarantee.

Interested in a Utah business borrow? Get in touch with us today. We can discuss your situation further. This will help us (and you) decide if a business borrow really is the best choice for your business. Call us at our toll free number (866) 739-5558. Or send us an email and we will contact you within 24 hours.