West Virginia Business Borrow

In the olden days, when a business is in need of money, the owner goes to the bank. He undergoes the rigorous loan application procedure and waits to hear back. Waiting can take weeks. It’s pretty much the same today. Except that lending requirements for banks are much tighter. Plus, they’re no longer rolling out approvals like they used to. Currently, they only approve 17% of all bank loan applicants. Imagine if this is how it was two decades ago. Businesses would have been doomed. After all, money is very important for their operations. It’s a good thing businesses in West Virginia now have an option. A West Virginia business borrow. Interested? Read on.

A West Virginia business borrow is a fast and simple alternative to a bank loan. How simple? Let’s put it this way. Unlike paperwork involved in a bank loan, our application form is only one page. That’s right. One. It can be accomplished within five minutes. Additionally, we only ask for recent bank statements for documentation. If you bank online, you can print out a few months’ worth of statements and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to leave your house to send in your application. You can email it to us. Fast and simple.

West-Virginia-Business-Cash-AdvanceWest Virginia Business Borrow

Let’s talk more about how fast our West  Virginia business borrow is. Once we receive your application, we will begin processing it immediately. You will hear back from us within one business day. How is that possible? We don’t need to go through a lot of paperwork to get you approved. Plus, we are very good at what we do. We get our jobs done swiftly and efficiently.

By the way, it is very easy to qualify for a West Virginia business borrow. Unlike banks, our approval ratings are 90%. That’s right. We approve nine out of ten of all our West Virginia business borrow applicants.

Our approval process is very simple. We don’t do back checks on our West Virginia business borrow applicants. Bad credit? Not a problem. We look at revenues, not credit. This is why we only ask for recent bank statements. We just need to see if your business is making money. And how much. Why? This will help us determine how much we can advance you for. Our West Virginia business borrow can be worth ten times what your business makes. If you earn $5,000 a month, we can give you an advance of $50,000.

We fund our West Virginia business borrow within a few days after approval. This means, you won’t have to wait long before you receive the funds you need. If you send in your application on a Monday, the money will be in your bank account before the weekend. Fast, yes?

A West Virginia business borrow is safer than a bank loan. How so? We don’t need a collateral to get you approved. We won’t even ask you for a personal guarantee. Unlike with a bank loan, you lose your collateral if you consecutively miss payments. With a West Virginia business borrow, you don’t lose your asset.

West_Virginia_Business_Cash_Advance1West Virginia Business Borrow

Speaking of payments, we offer very flexible payback terms. We can take out a small portion off your future earnings. Or you can pay a set amount each month. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can choose from our other payback plans. We will lay out all of your options once you get approved. Ultimately, the decision will be yours. No one else’s. In the event the payback plan you initially chose no longer works, we can renegotiate. We are that flexible.

One last thing. Once the money is in your hands, it is yours. We won’t care how you use it. We understand emergencies happen. Emergencies that unfortunately, need money to be dealt with. You can use the money from your West Virginia business borrow as you see fit.

Are you ready to apply for a West Virginia business borrow? Do you want to discuss it further? Get in touch with us today. We offer free consultations for businesses in West Virginia. There is no commitment involved in speaking with us. Call us today at our toll free number (866) 739-5558. Or you can send us an email and one of advisers will call you within 24 hours.